Best and Worst Restaurant Inspection Reports for the Week Ending July 12, 2022

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and ranks businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action. Restaurants are re-examined if they fail to meet important criteria.

To file a health complaint, call the Environmental Health Department at 423-209-8110. The results are original and do not immediately reflect changes, which sometimes leads to incremental adjustments.


84 sonic drive in

6645 Highway 41, Ringgold, Ga.

Causes including water leakage near the ice machine contribute to water pooling on the restaurant floor. The ventilation hood system is not working, which contributes to the accumulation of fumes and grease inside the facility. The HVAC unit is not working, which contributes to overheating inside the facility and the difficulty of keeping foods cool in cold storage units. Food debris and rubbish on the floor at the back of the restaurant attract flies.

87 Los Charros Taqueria Y Restaurante

8019 N. Highway 27 Rock Spring, Ga.

Grounds including uncovered food containers including chicken and bread rolls in a walk-in cooler. Food is potentially dangerously cold at temperatures over 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Beef is kept at 50, sausage at 61, and tilapia at 48 due to the unplugged prep cooler.

87 ribs

6302 Ringgold Road

Reasons including the inspector who observed that the employee was consuming food products in the preparation area. The inspector noticed that the employee did not wash his hands after eating food products in the preparation area. Excessive flies were observed in the kitchen/eating areas. The shredder is dirty.

88 Red Lobster

2131 Northgate Park Lane


5113 Highway 153

95 Las Margaritas

1101 Hickson Bike

95 Dos Bruce Fresh Mexican Grill

627 Camp Jordan Buckeye.

95 Einstein Bruce Bagels

5237 Hickson Pike

96 Steak and Shake

5118 Hickson Pike

97 Little Tokyo Express

4516 Hickson Pike

97 Mr. Walk

5402 Brainerd Road

97 Wendy

6009 Ooltewah-Georgetown Road

98 gyroscope greek plate

811 Market Street

98 Panda Express

484 North Gate Mall Road

98 Dunkin Donuts

627 Signal Mountain Road

98 Wimpy

9826 Dayton Bike

98 Glenn Jane Daily

5748 Highway 153

99 Arby’s

5420 Brainerd Road

99 Outback Steakhouse

544 Northgate Mall Drive

100 Applebee’s

5595 Highway 153

100 Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom

250 Northgate Mall Drive

100 Aunt Ann

271 Northgate Mall Drive

100 Lobby Pizza Pie

5506 Hickson Bike

Written by Brandi Dixon

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