Better Homes and Gardens: July 8

this week Better Homes and Gardens Everything from worm farming to drum restoration and Korean cuisine.

Johanna + Pet – Amazing Homes: Koji Castle
Joh and Pete have visited many of the homes of famous architect Renato D’Ettorre over the years, but this Coogee mansion is OG. This is where his distinctive style and color palette was born, with the concrete chosen to become a patina over time, giving the impression that it blends in with the jagged rock face. Inside it has a modern look from the Middle Ages, featuring geometric shapes and angles befitting a 21st century castle.

Adam – Custom Drum Maker
Australia is alive with its thriving community of talented artisans, who handcraft world-class tools. Tonight, Adam meets one of them, Steele Turkington, whose drumming is as good as his name. As an avid amateur drummer, Adam is happy to show up at the workshop and learn how Steele not only restores old drums, but also makes his own from scratch. Tune in and find out why steel drums are rated so highly, they’re good enough for midnight oil!

Karen – Ramen noodles with spice broth
There is nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of ramen noodles. This week, Karen shares her version, made with pork, boiled eggs, and gochujang, the chili paste popular in Korean cuisine. The result is absolutely delicious.

Ed Quick – Lightly Marinated Chicken, Bacon, Cheeseburger Pilaf
Nobody likes to wash up, and Ed is no different, so he shows you how to cook pilaf with chicken, bacon, cheeseburger… all in one skillet dish. This recipe is perfect for picky teens who only eat burgers for fast food. And if they don’t eat a rice bowl, even if it has a crunchy garnish of bacon, you can always put it between two cakes.

Ed Quick – Pears, Brown Betty Apples & Salted Candy
No Better Homes and Gardens would be complete without a classic dessert from Ed, and this one definitely qualifies as a classic; She is about 200 years old! Made with seasonal fruit and even leftover bread and then served with a dessert and cream sauce, this old-fashioned crumb is perfect for a restful night.

Charlie – The Force of Nature
It is well proven that plants are more than just good for the soul. From improving productivity and well-being to joining the fight against climate change, nature-based solutions have the potential to make a real difference in our cities and our lives. Tonight, Charlie explores a few of the Junglefy Greenwall projects, the science behind living breathing walls and meets some of the passionate behind-the-scenes team that grow, nurture and spread the power of nature.

Melissa – raising the worm
Got worms? Melissa thinks you should. Growing worms, also known as vermicomposting, is a home-friendly way to use worms to produce your garden compost. Worm farms reduce your waste by eating food waste, so they make a great urban farming solution. Once you get your farm up and running, you’ll never have to pay for fertilizer again!

Daniela – Small desk
With working from home as usual, many of us are forced to work from the couch or from the kitchen benches. Using pieces of furniture and household items, Dee creates a comfortable little desk that doubles as a stylish console table when it’s not being used for work.

Juliet – Natural Relationships
Featured mirrors can really make a space shine in your home, but they are often too expensive unfortunately. However, there is a way we can make it accessible to everyone. Juliet shows you how to use twigs, leaves collected from the garden, and a few bits and pieces from the hardware/craft store to create stunning framed mirrors in many different styles and at a fraction of the price.

Dr. Harry – Choir Stavi
On the north-central coast of New South Wales, Natalie and Molly have a problem, a four-legged problem. Esme the Staffy-Sharpei cross might look cute, but she chews on everything from electrical wires to wood beams. When I was exposed to some rat poison, it was time to get some help from Dr. Harry. After a quick diagnosis, he has a few solutions that will not only occupy my name but reward her for good behavior; Make everyone happy.

It’s 7 p.m. Friday on 7/7TWO.

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