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Big Zuu’s Big Zuu eats It is just a very ordinary program and does not take itself seriously. A lot of the food offerings can be a little over the top: it always feels like you have to go to Waitrose or Marks & Spencer for good food. We respect recipes, we respect traditions, we respect cultures, but we don’t do it in a way that makes people feel you have to order a spice rub from Amazon. If you want to make Caribbean stuff, go to your local Yardman and get some plantain. We like to stay down to earth and cook food that others can make.

When my mom was pregnant With my little brother, she stopped cooking towards the end of her pregnancy because she was tiring, like when you have a baby growing in your tummy. So cooking was a way for me to do a chore at home: being a fat guy, it fulfilled my need for food and also meant I was a good little boy. Two birds, one stone.

I used to spoil my mom To make jollof rice. Now I sell it to the public.

I have to make Miss Johnson bigger, My food technology teacher in high school. She taught me how to make my first bechamel and how to make a roux. How I make pizza dough, how I make tomato sauce from scratch, all the little things I still use to this day. I did food tech with Tubsey and Hyder too, we all went to the same school and used to do food tech together. It’s sickening to see how we’ve evolved from that to now that we have our own show.

When I was 18 years old, I went to the Nando’s website and said, “Do you want to be a barbecue?” I went on my first day with my trainer and the grill was way too hot! Oh my days, I was melting like a candle, my friend! But then you get used to it: chicken juice seeps into your pores. I worked there for about half a year and it smells like barbecue constantly. It doesn’t matter how much you wash. But I used to get 40% off Nando’s, and that was fine.

I never thought that cooking would become one of my main business. Rap was the main thing for me: I thought I was going to be a rapper, doing shows until I was 50, 60, retiring, trying to win a Grammy. But instead of winning a Grammy, I won a BAFTA, so it’s not bad.

My ex-boyfriend was French She showed me and her family the French style of cooking and the love for food that they have. We do not have the same passion for products. The French will shoot someone for fresh French bread. We’ll shoot someone for a hot dog roll of Gregs. So it’s a little different.

I live with Topsy and Hyder, So we’re all over the place around each other a lot and that’s intense. Tubsey does nothing, just like eats big. Hyder does nothing either. We had to buy a new fridge because the other one was full of mold. Living with boys is bad. It’s like a single house but we’re all 26 and 27 and don’t go to college. We are also BAFTA award winning chefs.

Michel Roux Jr. cooks me a soufflé on me Sunday brunch And I have to admit, that wasn’t cute. It was very peachy, like wow-I’m-making-a-souffle. Nah! I’d rather have a biscuit or a brownie. He was very focused on his amazing method, and less on the wonderful taste of happiness that candy is supposed to give you. Dessert isn’t supposed to be cuddly and ahh fluffy. number! It’s supposed to be full of joy. I give my life to eat this candy. This sounded really emotional, but it was the truth.

My Favorites

You can’t beat good lasagna and my lasagna will change your life.

He drinks
Orange juice just became the love of my life: smooth and very cold. I can drink a glass of orange juice in 0.5 seconds. Then I can drink a second in 0.5 seconds. I can finish the whole Tropicana, the big one, the family, not the little one, very quickly. not good.

place to eat
I’ll shout Maison Bab in Covent Garden. It is a kebab but it is prepared in a bouji way. Order the fried chicken kebab and they have lovely broccoli. Broccoli will make young children sick with broccoli.

plate to make
Good tomato sauce with good ingredients cooked for a long time. The longer you cook it, the better.

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