Blue Bell Sells Adorable Pint Cozzies

Koozies have been a staple in keeping many drinks cold since… wait, when were they invented? ( insists that the modern koozie appeared in 1981.) Anyway, thank goodness they invented because let’s be real here—does anyone really enjoy holding a cold item?

I mean you have to keep switching hands to keep yourself warm. The can also begins to figuratively sweat, so you also have to constantly wipe your hands. In short, you need a koozie for a cold drink in the heat.

But what about something that needs to be constantly cooled?

With new ideas constantly being introduced, someone at one time had to realize that people who snack on ice cream probably don’t like their hands being cold either. Who hasn’t eaten a full pint of ice cream when they’re sad? It’s very comfortable, or so I’ve heard.

Enter Blue Bell with something many might dream of. Or at least, an ingredient other than the thing that would inadvertently melt the ice cream consumers eat. Yes, Blue Bell has finally made…Cozy Ice Cream.

You read that right. Cozy Ice Cream.

According to their Facebook page, Blue Bell pint koozies are gone fast, but they’ll be stocking up on more soon.

Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise. I’m talking about a fourfold salary increase. How had no one thought of this before?

Now this ingredient definitely won’t keep your ice cream cold outside in the sweltering Texas heat, but it will help when you’re watching your favorite movie or show.

But for those who want to keep their sodas cold too, we have good news.

Blue Bell Store

Blue Bell Store

They have them regular!

Blue Bell Store

Blue Bell Store

In 3 varieties at the time of writing.

Blue Bell Store

Blue Bell Store

You can find Blue Bell can koozies here.

I need all these things because I’m little by little becoming a Texan day by day. I love Whataburger, and now I own a Whataburger ketchup koozie.

Tommy Paradise

Tommy Paradise

Serious question: What Blue Bell koozie should I buy? Let me know using the chat feature of our station app!

Speaking of Blue Bell Ice Cream…

Blue Bell is the official Texas ice cream, and my personal favorite. According to a new list of the 15 best ice cream brands nationwide, Blue Bell is ranked in the middle.
In addition to ingredients, texture, and versatility, he used Tasting Table Influenster and other site reviews as part of his rating process.

Scroll to see how Blue Bell compares to number one ice cream, and how the fifteen on the list were judged.

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