BOMBAY BRAMBLE® Kicks Off Summer With ‘Community Farming’ Dinner Series In Honor Of Black Farmers In Partnership With Chef Omar Tate

Bombay BRMBLE® and the chef Omar Tate We are honored to announce the partnership and launch of “Community Farming: A Dinner Series in Support of Black Farmers,” which celebrates the work of black farms and farmers in the United States.

Recently launched as a new vibrant creative expression of gin enriched with 100% natural flavors of fresh raspberries and raspberries, Bombay BRAMBLE is on a mission to support the diverse voices in the culinary community, collaborating with the Chef Marcus Samuelson and other rising star chefs last year. Currently, Bombay Bramble will team up with Time100 Honorary Chef Omar Tate To help kick off the summer entertaining season with a culinary dinner series designed to educate, reimagine, and change the game for black farmers, according to a press release.

Open to the public for $ 200/ Ticket On, the Opening Dinner will be held June 29 At Oko Farms in Williamsburg, BrooklynChef Tate has teamed up with local black farmers, many of whom will attend dinner as guests of honor, to create a customized seasonal tasting menu using the freshest, local ingredients. Designed to educate the public about the challenges black farmers face and draw the farming community together, each course will be dedicated to honoring the “hero ingredient” from a nearby farm, incorporating fresh berries, a staple of seasonal summer fare and berry-infused gin. The dinner will also be complemented by Chef Tate’s signature Bombay Bramble Cocktail, “Bramble Berry Sour”.

In more support for Bombay BRAMBLE and Chef Tate’s ongoing mission to support the diverse voices of the culinary community, an additional pledge to $25,000 To the farmers’ black box. The donation will go to help provide the financial means and resources for black-owned farms in the Northeast to build a just future.

For those who were unable to attend for the first time in BrooklynAnd the Bombay BRAMBLE will also host . format popups Atlanta And the Charleston Where foodies can try a local chef on Chef Tate’s farm-to-table menu later this summer.

(Photo: Courtesy of BOMBAY BRAMBLE / Haamza Edwards

As the perfect canvas for cocktail creativity, Bombay SAPPHIRE has a long history of supporting diverse technical areas. With its distinct taste providing a real berry boost, culinary creativity underpins our latest release Bombay BRABLE. We are honored to partner with Omar Tate To launch a new dinner series that honors black farmers around the world United Statewho have made an integral contribution to American cuisine and culture.” Jamie KeelerBrand Manager Bombay GINS North America.

Omar Tate An extraordinary talent, her innovative approach and focus on art, poetry, science and society in his dishes perfectly reflect our ethos, as we have always strived to foster creative expression and to be the perfect canvas for creativity in cocktails and beyond. Just as age pushes boundaries in cooking, our newest iteration Bombay BRAMBLE continues to push the boundaries in the gin category as an all-natural, vibrant, berry-filled offering that pairs perfectly with a variety of cocktails, from Gin and Tonic to Tom Collins. “

Chef Tate has worked at some of the best restaurants in the country for the past ten years, including Michelin-starred A Voce, Meadowsweet, Runner and Stone in New York; In addition to Fork and Russet in Philadelphia. Chef Tate is quickly achieving cult status for his award-winning contemporary cuisine that has “ignited a revolution,” fusing black culture, art, poetry, and community. Through his cooking, upcoming community center Honeysuckle and other initiatives Chef Tate is redefining the restaurant’s role in today’s society. It does so by focusing black American culture through food methods with an emphasis on people’s relationships with agriculture and the role of black farmers.

“Community is at the core of what I do and a distinctive part of my passion as a chef. I am so honored to be a steward of my community, especially black farmers, chefs, and underrepresented creators in the culinary industry, so I was very excited about this initiative and to partner with Bombay BRAMBLE to help highlight them and increase awareness of their contributions in general. It was also exciting to be given the lens of fresh berries in a creative way, come up with beautiful recipes and tasting menus with the help of local farmers to showcase the wealth of talent, production and stories from black farmers to be told and on display,” he added. Omar Tate.

The Cultivating Community Series’ signature “Bramble Berry Sour” cocktail is a refreshing summertime cocktail twist on the popular sour cocktail, which features mixed berries. Bombay BRAMBLE gin with notes of blackberries and raspberries, topped with martini fiero, myrrh, lemon and orange juice.

To attend the dinner series at New York City Visit for more information and to register/purchase tickets.

cocktail recipe

“Brumble sour berry

The Official Cocktail of the Farming Society: The Dinner Series

– 1.5 oz Bombay Bramble

– .5 oz lemon juice

– .5 oz orange juice

– 0.25 oz Martini and Rosy Peter

– 0.25 oz Martini and Rossi Fierro

– 0.5 ounces honey syrup (2:1)

Method: Shake and drain in a rocky glass with crushed ice. Adorned with an orange and blackberry wheel.

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