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Two beloved East End companies have come together in a collaboration that’s sure to be super cute this summer: a specialty Cinnamon Coffee Ice Cream with a Donut, combining Dressen’s Famous Donuts with John’s Drive-In ice cream. It’s the brainchild of a pair of old pals, Rudy DeSanti Jr. of Dreesen’s in East Hampton and David Rutkowski of John’s Drive-In in Montauk.

“My husband, Rudy Jr., came up with this idea to combine coffee and cake a while ago,” said Cristina DeSanti, co-owner of Dreesen’s Catering. “He and Dave are friends, and their parents, Rudy Sr and John, have been good friends for years, so Dave offered to make the product for us.”

Many people who grew up in East Hampton fondly remember Dreesen’s Excelsior Market, which once stood on Newtown Lane, where the new Golden Goose and Á La Mode are today. Dreesen’s Donuts were fried in a cool little machine that stood in the shop window, and the kids—often wandering the street from middle school—were standing outside the plate glass to watch them go out on a little conveyor belt. A grocery and butcher shop, Dreesen’s was founded by Rudi Sr. Soon after it closed, in 2004, Rudi Jr. and Christina officially launched an offshoot of this old family business called Dressen’s Catering, with the philosophy that the best in local, simple, homemade food. Dreesen’s Catering is also a caterer for East Hampton’s Meals on Wheels and supports other South Fork charities.

John’s Drive-In will sell small batch donut and coffee ice cream—which DeSanti describes as “just a really fresh local ingredient”—at a Montauk burger-and-shake joint for $5.17 for one scoop and $7.18 for two. Dreesen will also be adding a donut dessert table and ice cream bar at events this summer, as well as selling pints for $11 from their catering kitchen.

The perfect ice cream can also be purchased for $11 a pint at Vicki’s Veggies in Amagansett. Vicki Littmann, who runs the farm’s stall, said support for moms and other organic pollutants is important to her. Vicki started Fiji when she was just 11 years old. “A few years ago, when I was thinking about selling ice cream, there was only one option for me, and it was an easy choice: John’s Drive-In is a local, family-owned business with the best ice cream in town,” Littman said. “When I wanted to sell the best cakes, I called Rudi and Christina at Dreesen’s. It’s another local, family owned business that not only owns the best in famous cakes, but also gives back to the community.”

It’s a sweet story, but honestly, who needs an excuse to love coffee and cake together?

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