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(BPRW) Black Kids Abroad: The Mental Health Benefits of Blacks Traveling Young

(Black BRWire) Some of us have been blessed to travel abroad and spend part of our lives as nomads roaming the world and collecting life-changing experiences through travel.

As adults, we are well aware of the benefits of travel; Relaxation, raising global awareness, and helping us find the purpose of our lives, to name a few. But, how many of us realize that travel benefits children, too?

Traveling with children allows us to strengthen family bonds, provide children with new experiences, and prepares them to serve as global citizens of the twenty-first century. According to Forbes.com, here are a few reasons why traveling during Black and Young is so important.

Make them citizens of the world.

Children are more adaptable than we are, and the sooner we can expose them to each other in all its different forms, the less likely they are to become indulgent as they grow into their own awareness and power. Harboring them from the real world may lead to the assumption that the world they know is the only world that exists, except for fiction.

Get them to eat strange things.

There is nothing like being hungry in a foreign land to make us appreciate what we once had, and food is one of the most interesting and accessible ways to learn about culture from the inside. You wouldn’t eat fish at home, but would you eat fish tacos on the beach in Mexico? It makes perfect sense.

Expose their minds to diverse languages.

Even if your kids don’t try to speak the language of the country you’re visiting, exposure to another language will help their brain develop English skills more quickly. A recent study showed that even limited exposure to a second language in childhood leads to greater retention of phonemic structure later.

Build their confidence and independence.

Never fail. As soon as your son sees someone else going down the big slide or taking the elevator alone, he suddenly asks for the room key and permission to go out on his own.

If you stay for a while, kids can fully integrate into new societies and adopt new habits in a very short time.

Even after you get home, those memories linger and influence what your children say and do, as well as how they treat others. Travel builds confidence as they make their way through unfamiliar territory, both physical and psychological.

Increase their tolerance for discomfort.

You don’t have to be rough to hear complaints. The pillow may be too lumpy or there is no soda ice.

Or maybe there are mosquitoes buzzing in your ears all night, or there are no tweezers to get the splinter out of your toe. Or maybe the plane was too late.

All of these anomalies fall within the realm of potential travel experiences, and they aren’t necessarily bad. The discomfort challenges will allow children to solve problems, exercise patience, and express gratitude in new ways.

So, in general, book the flight for you and your child. They will thank you for that later.

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