Breakfast should be dinner, here’s why

A precious breakfast-for-dinner oddity that was the perfect occasional treat for American families: heaps of pancakes dipped in maple syrup and butter, an eclectic fruit salad, bacon fresh from the skillet and eggs just the way you like it, but for the night. Breakfast for dinner only WorksFinish the day by satisfying both the sweet and the savory while allowing the rest and relaxation to digest the meal afterwards. Now, imagine a world where breakfast can always be dinner.

While this proposal may sound somewhat drastic, rearranging meals to put breakfast last would not only make sense, but would also create a distinct tradition that the United States could claim its own—free of colonial roots or a problematic past. Lunch will replace breakfast as the first meal of the day, dinner will replace lunch, and breakfast will replace dinner. But let’s break it down first.

Having lunch in the morning may seem counterintuitive, but when put alongside science, it makes perfect sense. Have you ever woken up craving something sweet, like a big batch of pancakes? Chances are low. In fact, our bodies crave salty foods after we wake up because we sometimes feel dehydrated while we sleep at night, and our depleted levels of sodium—an electrolyte that helps balance fluid levels—must be replenished for proper hydration. By encouraging sodium intake, our bodies encourage us to refill both our sodium supply and our water levels. Thus, it makes sense to eat foods traditionally associated with lunch for breakfast, as they generally consist of foods with high levels of sodium. By doing so, we will satiate our natural craving for salt while re-saturating our bodies with the appropriate content of sodium it needs to function.

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