Brick-and-mortar website sensation: Danny’s Sushi restaurant opens in Niagara Falls after social media success

Danny’s Sushi opened in April 2021 after owner Danny Rimando got a dedicated following to order sushi from him based on photos they saw of his food on social media.

  • Danny's Sushi in Niagara Falls has been consistently busy since it opened in April 2021, filling its small restaurant with customers and catering to many takeout orders each day.

When the pandemic hit, Danny Rimando had to find a new way to keep himself busy because he was suddenly out of work making sushi at local and juvenile breweries. That’s when several previous customers reached out to him, asking if he was still taking food orders.

“We still have a little bit of stock, so we did. We started at home during the pandemic and then they asked me if they could spread their sushi. Danny Rimando, co-owner of Danny’s Sushi in Niagara Falls, said, ‘Okay, we’ll see what happens.'” .

Soon, posts featuring his sushi spread all over Facebook, bringing more and more business to Rimando. In the end, the demand was such that he and his wife made the big decision to open their own restaurant that blends Japanese and Filipino foods.

The restaurant opened in April 2021, and the response has been overwhelming over the past year, with a steady stream of new and returning customers visiting the restaurant to sit down and enjoy a meal or stop by for an old favorite.

Megumi Rimando, co-owner of Danny’s Sushi, recommends trying any of their sushi rolls, especially the shibuki rolls.

“The shibuki roll is our signature roll. It’s a sushi roll that we saute with tempura batter. A lot of people say ‘I’ve never had sushi before, and I don’t think I like sushi’, but we offer shibuki rolls and everyone loves it and keep coming back for it,” she added.

The Raimandos say they know some people may have questions about the Filipino and Japanese items on their menu, but they’ll be happy to help people find something they like.

“If anyone wants to get in and they haven’t tried it, just come and talk to us. Maybe we can try to accommodate them,” said Megumi Raimando.

Almost all groups can find something to work with their dietary restrictions with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items on the menu.

If the food wasn’t tempting enough, guests can also enjoy a selection of sake, if they’re willing to pay for it.

“The only thing people don’t understand is that sake is a bit expensive,” said Danny Rimando. “But if they are willing to give it a try, we have it. We have something not available at the liquor store.”

In addition to all the work he does at the restaurant, Danny will be participating in the Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza on July 30. There he will serve a special dish that he has cooked in advance to win the Filipino cooking competition.

“Who knew sushi was the thing I would do in my life, you know? It just so happened to be,” he said.


Tabuk: 3643 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls


hours: From Wednesday to Monday, from 11 am to 8 pm

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