Broccoli Soft Serve flavor from Carvel’s is a delicious combination

Cookie dough is kind of enjoying a moment now. From Twix dough flavor bars to Krispy Kreme Twix cookie bars, they’re totally on-trend. Now, Carvel is changing the soft serve game with a brookie flavor that’s half brownie and half chocolate chip ice cream. The chocolate cake moment on June 27 brought two new flavors of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chip dough to the menu. Here are all the deets in the dessert mix of candy.

You already know that cakes and cookies are delightful on their own, so simply imagine the harmonious meeting of the two. Carvel took their hand to turn delicious baked goods into snacks, then combined the flavors in a swirl. Carvel announced on June 27 that it’s made with a soft brownie fudge mixture wrapped with Nestlé Toll House chocolate chip dough.

Courtesy of Carvel

Brooke’s wave doesn’t stop there. Carvel took the mixture and made it into an ice cream shape with cookie dough pieces, brownie bites, and chocolate chips. Treat yourself to a layered Brookie Sundae Dasher of soft caramel, brownie bites, hot fudge and chocolate chip dough pieces topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Or, grab a bite of a soft Brookie Flying Saucer sandwich between chocolate chips for an on-the-go snack. Soft ice cream and wrapped ice cream start at $2.79, Sunday Dashers $5.89, and flying saucers $2.49 for one or $11.99 for six.

If you’re not interested in the duo and like to keep the brownie and cookie separate, then Carvel is the best for you. Soft serving also comes in brownie dough or chocolate chip dough on its own. The brownie mixture is mixed with the chocolate ice cream, while the cookie dough remains consistent with the vanilla. The two cute servings also come as a hand shake for $4.89, and as their Dashers and Flying Saucers, similar to their brookie counterpart. No matter what the look or feel, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the flavors, together or separately.

Courtesy of Carvel

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 17, with two for the price of one at any participating Carvel location with a BOGO deal on a small cup or cone of Brookie softserv or any Carvel soft serve flavor. From Oreo to Reese’s Soft flavoring, and from coconut to mint, there are many swirls to choose from.

Keep the soft serve swirls rolling and stop at Krispy Kreme to try the new Original Glazed Soft Serve ice cream and cake-inspired shakes.

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