Broussard’s Summer Menu Announced

NEW ORLEANS (press release) — Broussard’s has announced that its seasonal summer menu will honor Louisiana’s staple Creole cheese. Chef Jamie Seechem chose to highlight the interesting and often forgotten element that was once a staple in the South Louisiana household because it is an authentic heritage food that embodies the history and age of our city. The special prize dinner and brunch menus will run until the end of August.

A staple of breakfast in New Orleans, Creole cheese is a sweet, tart, and somewhat salty dairy product with the texture of yogurt. Creole cheese is made by mixing whole milk with rennet, a natural enzyme that breaks down dairy products, and was vital in early New Orleans. It allowed them to extend the life of their dairy products and create farm-style cheese. Creole cheese was originally created by French settlers, and derives its roots from fresh cream. Natural bacteria in the air may cause the curd and whey to separate. If left hanging in the shade of a tree, the liquid whey will drip, and the remaining solids coagulate together into a fine cream.

“For our summer menu, I wanted to show how versatile Creole cream cheese can be,” said Chef Jamie. Saltiness is used to counteract the sweetness of corn in a choux maca and in a summery puree. Creole cheese creole is paired with fresh herbs to make a juicy Green Goddess sauce. Tang is used to deepen the grain’s richness. And, of course, the myriad ways in which its sweetness can be enhanced by desserts—paired with a crust Ginger is marinated in cheesecake and used to balance tropical passion fruit in a classic tart.”

Chef Jimi’s Creole Cream cheese fixe dinner menu includes a selection of appetizers: summer peaches, avocado salad with goat cheese and toasted almonds, and Creole cheese with Green Gods. Or Percelad Gulf Shrimp with Grilled Corn, Creole Mac Chux Cheese, Pecans, and Parsley Pesto. Signature appetizer options are Creole mole frites with alligator sausage, Creole cheese, and herb aioli; Roast duck breast with Creole cheese, pickled peppers, toasted peaches, and bacon; And crunchy pork belly porchetta with Creole cheese and summer corn puree, pecan pesto, pickled peppers and shallots, and a peach-and-passion fruit glaze. Dessert options include Prix fixe Creole cream cheese and Passion Fruit Tart with lavender shortbread crust, passion fruit and peach cole, and toasted pistachios; and Creole cheesecake with ginger crust, bourbon peach compote, and mint coulis. The price for this listing is $55 per person.

The Brunch Breaks fixed menu offers summer peach and avocado salad or duck and alligator sausage okra for the starter course. Appetizers are peach pain with Creole cheese and peach bourbon syrup or Louisiana blue crab quiche. The signature dessert is English toffee pudding with dark chocolate and salted caramel. The price for this listing is $47 per person.

To book at Broussard’s, please visit or call 504-581-3866.

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