BTS’ J-Hope starts a solo project with Jack in The Box

Concept image for J-Hope’s new song “Arson” (Big Hit Music)

J-Hope, the rapper and dancer of boy band BTS, will release his much-anticipated solo album “Jack in The Box” on Friday on global music platforms.

Days after the release of K-pop Leviathan’s anthology album “Proof,” the party’s agency Big Hit Music announced that J-Hope will expand his musical horizons with a new solo project.

The agency said “Jack in the Box” reflects his “aspirations to break the mold and grow even more.” Unlike the hopeful messages and bright tones that BTS is known for, J-Hope is expected to bring a new side of him, getting rid of his bright personality.

Trailer for J-Hope's solo album

Trailer for J-Hope’s solo album “Jack in The Box” (Big Hit Music)

The album is topped by two main tracks: “Arson” and the pre-release single “More,” which was dropped on July 1.

“More” is an old-school hip-hop song intertwined with frantic drum beats and guitar sounds that convey J-Hope’s ambition and passion for showing his diverse sides to the world. The other main track, “Arson,” is a story about facing the world outside the box and standing at a crossroads.

With “More,” J-Hope topped the iTunes music charts in 84 countries, including the United States, Canada, Spain and France. The music video for “More” also achieved 10 million views on YouTube just 10 hours after its release.

Other side tracks that will install J-Hope’s 10-track package are: “Intro”, “Pandora’s Box”, “Stop”, “= (Equal Sign), “Music Box: Reflection”, “What If…” “Safety Zone” and “Future”.

Concept image for J-Hope's new song

Concept image for J-Hope’s new song “Arson” (Big Hit Music)

The new album will be available digitally through the Weverse Album app.

While “Jack in The Box” marks the musician’s first solo studio album, J-Hope has previously given fans a glimpse into his personal style through Mixtapes.

In 2018, the rapper released his first solo music tape, “Hope World” led by “Daydream” and “Airplane”, which charted at number 19 on the Top Rap Albums and number 38 on the Billboard 200. In 2019, J- Hope has dropped a collaborative song called “Chicken Noodle Soup” with American singer Becky G, creating a viral dance challenge on social media.

J-Hope is the first member to go solo from BTS. Last month, the group announced that they would be pausing their full group activities while the band members would continue their solo endeavors.

Concept image for J-Hope's new song

Concept image for J-Hope’s new song “Arson” (Big Hit Music)

Big Hit Music said each member would “take the time to mature, which will help the group achieve long-term success in the future,” and dismissed rumors of the group’s dissolution.

The remaining BTS members – Jin, RM, Suga, V, Jimin, and Jungkook – are ready to begin their solo activities. According to the members, the previously released song cassettes will also be available on music platforms in the future.

Meanwhile, J-Hope will be flying to the United States after dropping his solo album. Soloist Lollapalooza will perform in Chicago on July 31, becoming the first South Korean artist to hit the main stage at a major music festival in the United States.

Written by Park Joon Hee ([email protected])

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