Burlington Non-Killing Cat Shelter Sunny’s Legacy Fundraiser

She may lose all her hair, but Rebecca Rosales, owner of the Sunny Legacy Cat Shelter in Burlington, is willing to make that sacrifice if it helps her save more cats.

Sunny’s Legacy will be holding a fundraising event at Burlington Eagles #150, 2727 Mount Pleasant St. From 12 noon until 6 pm on Saturday.

Rosales will sell authentic Mexican food (including tamales, street tacos, iot cups, rice sides, single tacos, and single tamales) and Tres Leach for dessert.

Raffles and a 50/50 contest, information on low-cost sterilization and neutral clinics, and prepaid orders for exclusive Sunny’s Legacy T-shirts will be part of the event.

There won’t be any cats at the fundraiser, but the biggest attraction is that if Sunny’s Legacy can raise $50,000, Rosales will shave her head. The ultimate goal is to help keep the shelter afloat and with the resources it needs to continue carrying out its mission.

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