Cabbage ice cream arrives at Storm Lake

Spot owner Tonya Santos (left) prepares to receive customers on Tuesday afternoon.

When Tonya Santos opened the doors at The Spot, her new rolled ice cream shop on East Lakeshore Drive, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

“We had a little opening before for family and friends and learned a lot of things, but no one was quite sure how it would go,” the new business owner said of the official opening on July 8.

Two days later, a post appeared on The Spot’s Facebook page: Everything was sold out as more than 500 bowls of made-to-order ice cream came out.

Cookie Monster has been one of The Spot’s bestselling dishes so far. It has Oreo mashed cookies and peanut butter rolls and is topped with whipped cream and M&Ms.

“We are absolutely in awe of the number of clients we have received in the past two days,” the post read.

While desserts have been more popular in big cities for years, The Spot is Storm Lake’s first foray into rolled ice cream. Santos said that she and her boyfriend loved the unique dessert when traveling and eventually decided to bring it here.

“We talked about opening a business, and then when that store opened (at 1515 E. Lakeshore Dr.) next to the water park, things really started,” she said.

How does it work? The staff at The Spot start with a base of vanilla or chocolate and then use spoons to mash the toppings like Oreo cookies, just like you see at a hibachi restaurant. Then spread the creamy mixture evenly in a thin layer on a cold plate.

The next step is strips of flavor, whether it’s peanut butter, fudge sauce, or marshmallow cream. Then the layer of ice cream is pushed forward to form rolls that are placed in a cup and more topping is added.

“The kids really enjoy watching her make,” Santos said.

Spot’s menu features eight signature dishes, among which Santos said Cookie Monster and Stawberry Bliss are very popular. Customers can also make their own dessert with everything from fresh fruit and cheesecake cuts to potato chips, candy and breakfast cereals.

“Some people aren’t quite sure what they want to try, so the distinct flavors help with that and then we see the kids have a lot of fun choosing their stuff,” Santos said.

The Spot also has dairy-free options available to customers and plans to add new flavors and seasonal items to the menu throughout the year. And cabbage ice cream is not all that this place offers. There is a range of fresh juices, lemonade, boba and even popcorn and nachos.

“We try to have something for everyone,” Santos said.

The Spot opens daily at noon and ice cream is served until 10pm for those in need of a treat later in the evening. Check out the store’s website ( and Facebook page for listings, special offers, and more information.

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