Cake Boss Buddy Valastro in 100 Years of Klondike, A&E and Family Business

Two years ago, I shared your inspiring recovery from that hand injury. How is the hand now?

I’m back about 95% with strength and versatility. We ended up doing another season of “Buddy vs. Duff” after that. I’ve been able to make some of the craziest cakes we’ve ever done in our career. Thank God for Medicine and Dr. Carlson at HSS [Hospital for Special Surgery] And Dina, the occupational therapist, who really helped me get back to where I was. I had another surgery to correct my middle finger a little bit, but I will do it in January.

It’s great to hear it’s going well.

It was scary. It was really crazy.

You mentioned Buddy vs. Duff. How was the competition against Duff? Did you feel good when you won the challenges?

I have nothing but admiration and respect for Dove and all the interior designers. He has a great team to work with. TV always wants to see a big competition where it’s like, “You guys don’t like each other,” but we agree. When I had my accident, Duff was one of the first people to reach out and check me out. When he had his child, I was one of the first to call him and congratulate him. We have become friends over the years and have mutual respect and admiration for each other and each other’s work.

At first, if you go back to season one, we wouldn’t know each other very well. I knew about him, and he knew me, but we didn’t really spend time together and didn’t know what we were talking about, but after doing four different seasons of “Buddy vs. Duff” with Christmas specials and stuff, we have a lot of respect for each other. It’s a lot of fun. We’re like a friend on the basketball court, making fun of each other like, “Hey, I’m going to understand you today.” With this type of relationship, there is no hostility or jealousy or anything like that.

You just announced that you have a great partnership with upcoming A&E. Can you share anything related to what you cook about that?

I’m very excited about it. We’re going to do 60 hours of TV over the next two years. We can’t really say the details of what the offerings are yet, it’s very preliminary, but I couldn’t be happier working with such a great network as A&E, and I can’t wait to bring my family, and our concepts to the network.

You and your family might be starring in a movie for life as part of the deal, right?

yes. This is a secret wish I’ve always had. I always said to my wife, “I want to be in a movie for life.” It happens.

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