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By Frank Sabatini, Jr

San Diego LGBT Pride Week represents a time when thousands of locals and tourists ignore their diets to enjoy the vast culinary options present at every turn. An array of restaurants along the beaten path play a big part in the pride experience, whether you’re looking for a quick casual flavor or want to recharge your planes over lobsters in a seating setting.

With a full return of San Diego Pride events taking place July 9-17, after a two-year hiatus, our “gayborhood” kitchens are eager to serve up their latest and greatest dishes to the masses of revelers who will attend what is considered one of Pride’s most multifaceted celebrations. in the country.

Here are a few of the dishes we recommend and where to find them.

Spicy Chicken Nashville

We are fond of several dishes in Sold common stock, a restaurant that is centrally located in Hillcrest and has a friendly bar in the middle to boot. Some of these favorites include grilled artichoke hearts and Philadelphia ham. But the king of the menu is the incredibly crispy and reasonably spicy Nashville Spicy Chicken. Comes with Cheddar Pancakes or Creole Yogurt Coleslaw. If your budget allows, we recommend both. 3805 Fifth Avenue, 619-310-5298; eatcommonstock.com

Butter burger

Crest Cafe’s famous butter burger (Image via Facebook)

Also in the central village area of ​​Hillcrest Crest CaféAll day dinner might be the only place in San Diego. Jay Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives featured it on his show several years ago and grabbed the herb-dried butter from the interiors of this delicious half-pound charcoal grilled pie. Put away the calorimeter and try it out. 425 Robinson Ave., 619-295-2510; crestcafe.com.

danish cuisine

Danish Applescaper (Photo by Frank Sabatini, Jr.)

When Danish transplants opened by Bjerke Frandsen and Tina Fabrin The taste of Denmark Several years ago, they pledged to “preserve the DNA in Danish food.” They really did with dishes that are often accompanied by delicious rye bread made on site. Danish meatballs with dark brown gravy are delicious, as are bits of chicken complemented by roux and the delicate “pancake balls” known as applesquifer, which are served with decadent raspberry jam. 142 University Street, 619-209-3636; truetasteofdenmark.com.

LGBTQ + . sandwich

Get your LGBTQ sandwich solution here. (photo courtesy)

Look no further than the noise Uptown Tavern On the main road in Hillcrest to find the weirdest and most decadent version of the BLT. Here, the sandwich matches the LGBTQ acronym with inclusions of lettuce, garlic aioli, bacon, tomatoes, and queso. Hit the letter ‘A’ to get the Asexual/Agender/Agender somewhere in the avocado lettering and you’ll be well paid to draw the city. 1236 University Ave., 619-241-2710; uptowntavernsd.com.

hot australian steak

Steak cooked on a hot stone (Photo courtesy of InsideOUT)

Self-burning, then indulge yourself, with 8-ounce old-fashioned filet mignon cooked to your liking on a super-heated stone. inside outside. The side view of the table allows you to enjoy beef with a selection of seasoned salts, marinated butter, and various sauces. If you haven’t been to this elegant quest at the east end of Hillcrest, you’ll discover its name makes perfect sense the moment you step in. 1642 University Ave., 619-888-8623; insideoutsd.com.

naughty naughty

Josep Grill prawns cabbage prosciutto (Image via Facebook)

Engage in “foreplay” or “going all the way” as you satiate your appetite at this popular and centrally located lesbian bar in San Diego, Josep Grill. The previous menu category includes items such as grilled eggs and rolled prawns. If you move home, you’re looking at delicacies like bacon burger with onion jam, Korean-style fried chicken, and ratatoni with vegan cashew marinara—all of which you can top with juicy libations like “pussy punch” and “coochie coolers.” 1220 University Ave., 619-260-8023; gossipgrill.com.

snack bars

Cheese and fruit board at Barrel & Board (Image via Facebook)

Comes from Gossip Grill operators barrel and board, which opened across the street to the sound of wonderful slabs of meat, cheese and vegetables. Some are enhanced with elegant frills like balsamic caviar, grilled pear, pepito romesco and more. Brunch bars garnished with eggs, smoked salmon, assorted vegetables and pretzels are also available on Sundays. 1027 University Ave., 619-902-4646; barrelandboardsd.com.

Tableside muffins marshmallow

Lovely atmosphere for marshmallow pancakes (Image courtesy Breakfast and Bubbles)

gayborhood has many good options for pancakes, like what you’ll find at Nap (snoozeeatery.com), Breakfast Bitch (eatb breakfastbitch.com) and Crest Café. But if you want to experience high quality Flap Jack in a pink and flowery atmosphere, head to Breakfast and bubbles. The champagne-focused café is where tableside roasted marshmallows combine with crunchy graham crackers and chocolate sauce for a buttermilk pancake that rivals any sable you’ve had before. 3831 Park Blvd., 619-269-6281; Breakfast and bubbles

Mexican lobster

Mexican Spiny Lobster (Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr.)

Spiny lobsters, also known as rock lobsters, rule today in Ortega’s Mexican Bistro, which is located at the western end of Hillcrest. Served in an attractive, full-service environment, baja crawfish are steamed and then grilled with butter, lemon and gentle seasonings. The average critters range between a pound and a half, and the meal includes tortilla soup, grilled lemonade, rice, beans, and a flour tortilla. 141 University Ave., 619-692-4200; ortegas.com.

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