Central Texas Restaurant Report Card: 7.7.22

(KWTX) – Here’s this week’s restaurant report card for Central Texas:

Ichiban Steakhouse Japanese At the 2501 South Jack Kultgen Expressway in Waco he scored a 65 on a recent inspection.

According to the food safety factor, there were a lot of problems here.

Tofu and mushrooms have been sitting at the table for who knows how long.

There was black mold inside the ice maker and the cooked crab was not stored cold enough.

Fly strips were hanging in the food preparation area.

There were dirty dishes with clean dishes.

Insects inside a sushi bowl and a mold-like substance in some fruits and vegetables.

The log detailing the rice PH was already filled out until the end of the month, which was at least 3 weeks.

Why was this such a big “no”?

Well, the experts said, it’s all about safe consumption.

The acidity shows how likely bacteria can grow on sushi rice.

Therefore, this information must be filled out in a timely manner, not weeks earlier.

The owner of Ichiban is the same person who runs the now closed Fuji Japanese Steakhouse.

Since 2013, this restaurant has been famous for being housed by health inspectors.

Sometimes, it caused 22, 33 and as many as 37 defects.

Ichiban need to be rechecked.

IHOP #3001 At the 4019 South Jack Kultgen Expressway in Waco he scored 87 on a recent inspection.

According to Food Safety Factor, raw eggs were stored on top of ready-to-eat food.

The sanitizer bucket was stored next to the pancake mixture.

The inside of the microwave door was covered in grease.

Little TokyoThe 2497 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen scored 89 on a recent inspection.

According to a food safety worker, the kitchen staff left an egg.

It had to be thrown away.

Ice machine fin has ice scum and mold on it.

The place needs some general cleanliness.

This week’s Clean Plate award goes to Backporch Drafthouse At 3100 East Central Texas Highway in Killeen.

Of course, this restaurant got an excellent score in the food inspection.

Check the list.

From charred salsa and “queso killer” to Asian chicken lettuce wraps (for those who cut the carbs).

BOB sounds interesting: fried eggs, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese with fixings, sriracha and mayonnaise on a brioche bun.

The information used to produce KWTX’s weekly “restaurant report card” slides is collected directly from public records of regular inspections conducted by county health department officials in Central Texas. KWTX does not specify the sites to be examined and does not assign overall scores that are reflected in the percentages. Any questions regarding the status of the inspection, re-examination or the reported result should be directed to the health departments of the individual county in which those businesses are located.

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