Chamber of Commerce offers the return of Taste of Worthington for 2023

Worthington’s popular summer food festival, Taste of Worthington, is set to return in the summer of 2023 after a multi-year hiatus, the Worthington Chamber of Commerce announced.

“Reclaiming a taste of Worthington is something we’re excited about because we care about the community and focus on members,” said Matt Luffy, executive director of the Worthington Chamber of Commerce. “Just bringing back another great essential component of society is a sign of progress from this pandemic, not just for the room but for our community.

“Hopefully, about a year from now, we’ll be dining in person at the Taste of Worthington.”

The popular outdoor festival, which features a variety of food and drink vendors and usually attracts thousands of visitors, has not been held since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A vendor prepares food at a former Taste of Worthington event.

For an approx entry fee of $10 to $15, attendees pay special per-dish prices for a variety of appetizers, main dishes, desserts and other items from a selection of local vendors and restaurants in sizes larger than sample but smaller than entrees, Luffy said.

Next year’s event may have some “new and exciting changes,” according to a Chamber press release. Luffy said those changes, as well as the location and date, have yet to be decided, but the room is measuring feedback from previous participants and attendees about suggestions for next year’s event.

“We are looking at all possibilities to make this event more enjoyable in its return,” he said.

Luffy said the chamber’s staff chose to hold the festival again next year rather than this year in large part because of the Red, White and Desserts’ 24th annual fundraiser in April.

Attendees enjoy food and drink at the former Taste of Worthington event.

“What can we do in practice that won’t be too taxing for our members?” He said. “We felt like with Red, Whites & Desserts and trying to do Taste of Worthington, this would be asking a lot of our food suppliers in an industry that has been hit hard during the pandemic and is still working through workforce issues.”

Taste of Worthington was among a variety of local Worthington events that have since returned last year after a pause due to the pandemic.

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