Chandler’s girl was a finalist in the Donut Pasha competition

By Ken Sin
crew clerk

Amanda Myers can start working on her summer essay, “What Did You Do This Summer” now. Short Version: Made it to the finals of the 7th annual Bashas’ Donut Flavor Craze.

12-year-old Southern native Chandler wanted to enter the competition and was dreaming of a flavor that might give her an edge. She just happened to be wearing a tie-dye shirt and used it for inspiration.

The tie-dye donut became one of five finalists in the youth category of the competition.

“I love tie-dye, so I decided it had to be long, and we put some sprinkles on top of it to make it pop,” Amanda said.

Al-Basha describes it as a long donut with orange, red, green and purple cream in a tie-dye pattern with a rainbow and sweet sprinkles on top.

The Carlson Elementary School graduate said she had tried to enter the competition before, but wasn’t able at the time because she wasn’t big enough. She said her first thought was an Oreo Long John chocolate.

But Amanda did not win the competition.

The winning entry in the youth division went to a Phoenix boy who designed a cotton candy cake. It’s a white donut with blue and white cream and broken pieces of animal donuts icing on top with rainbow sprinkles.

Amanda said the entry process asks her to describe her donut in 100 words or less. Then, someone in the bacha will do it.

When she saw her donut, she was a little disappointed.

“I would have liked [if they mixed in the different colors] Amanda said. “So it’s not solid, I would just put different colors on and then pour it in and not just use separate colors.”

In the fall, Amanda will begin classes at a middle school. which remains unknown. She and her parents narrowed it down to Gilbert Christian or Santan.

“I’m kind of nervous because I don’t know a lot of people who are going to Gilbert Christian,” Amanda said. “But I’m excited at the same time.”

So the choice is to start over or stay with her Carlson friends. She said that she did not tell any of her friends that she had reached the final stage of the competition.

“I’m not bragging about it,” Amanda said.

Amanda learned she had made it to the finals when someone from the bacha called her mother, Rita.

“My mom got a call, and she looked at me in shock when she got the call. I could hear what the person on the other line was saying.”

Rita said she put the call on speakerphone so she could hear Amanda.

“I heard the news and I was very excited,” Amanda said.

The winning cakes in the adult and youth category are on sale in Al-Basha stores around the valley. Amanda said she is excited to be in again next year. And if she wins, she says that living across the street from the Pasha’s shop means she’ll walk in and buy her winning flavour.

But have you started thinking about its flavor for next year?

“No,” she said, “but maybe I should.”

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