Charles Barclay once gleefully challenged Michael Jordan and Larry Bird to a game of horse during the now famous McDonald’s commercial

The ’90s was a crazy time for commercials – getting 3 future Hall of Famers Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird in one take was the craziest thing McDonald’s did.

What do you think of when you hear the word “McDonald’s”? A classic Big Mac, fries, and an ice cream machine that never works. If you’re from the 90s, there’s a better version of Apple Pie, or McJordan if you’re from the Chicago area. The Golden Arches and Ronald MacDonald sure knew how to draw crowds in, whether it was killer massive burgers, or a collaboration with Michael Jordan.

MJ has been sold out in every decade since the ’80s, but the ’90s saw the height of stardom. Imagine a fast food chain that didn’t need marketing at all, and they were linking to it to promote their food. And in what style too, because they made him make silly shots, while Charles Barclay dressed equally silly trying to get a shot with Larry Bird and the goats.

A non-Eastern Conference duo who were in a constant battle with each other, to finally face Magic Johnson. They even donned the perfect silver spacesuit to take pictures around Saturn! Poor Chuck, even the planet has more rings than him. It actually has the most episodes of anyone in this ad, with 7.

The funniest part about this ‘cheesy’ ad is that Charles Barkley was the only guy still playing in ’94 when this ad aired! Talk about irony!

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Charles Barclay was a much bigger man in front of his peers – he acted foolishly even when he was a killer in court

Have you ever seen a man who destroyed his opposition act like a class clown when it comes to guys who are better than him? That’s exactly what Charles Barkley did to be in one with the greats. Not many people do such a thing, not to mention the guys who have massive fans. Their ego will never allow them to bow before their peers.

Perhaps Larry Legend could have implemented the shots he described of Jordan in real life: this was his ability to shoot. A man he couldn’t miss even on purpose, Bird was the best person to face Jordan in a Space HORSE game.

The ’90s was a journey of its own, and this ad was a diamond. It was a prequel to the now classic “Space Jam” because it also had the trio. Who would have thought that a goofy commercial unrelated to the fast food chain would make them a multi-million dollar iconic movie, that too with chromatic undertones.

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