Chicken broth, butter and apple

A penny for your ideas

Written by: Nancy Whitaker

Not only are they fun to learn, but some of them are actually real. It’s sayings I’ve always experienced and was disappointed when I found out that some of them weren’t true.

My grandmother was a believer in stories of old wives, moon signs, good luck and bad luck.

She had an antidote or cure for just about everything. For example, if one day we got burned, she would pick up a piece of butter and rub it on the wound. I never doubted it and still do. In my opinion, the burn always feels better with butter.

We always thought that going out in the winter with wet hair would catch a cold. To this day, I prefer to shower and wash my hair at night and not go out with wet hair. I discovered that this is not true. Wet hair does not cause cold. It is caused by the people around us spreading the virus. Another saying I’ve always thought to be true is: “Feed a cold; starve a fever.” In fact this saying is partially true, because you need to feed both. However, usually when one has a fever, one does not feel like eating. So what do you eat to relieve the distress of colds?

You guessed it. It’s chicken soup. Warm broth in soup loosens mucus and dilutes salt to give flavor to broths that soothe a sore throat.

New science also indicates that chicken meat itself boosts our immunity. There is nothing more comforting than chicken soup.

I have always been told that if I eat a lot of carrots, I will have the ability to see in the dark. We all love to have night vision, but that just won’t happen. However, carrots are full of vitamin A which helps in eye health. Of course people will say, “Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?”

Could sucking your thumb as a child ruin your teeth?

Well, I was a thumb sucker when I was a kid and I seriously don’t think that sucking your thumb can spoil your choppers.

Things like candy and soda are what cause tooth decay.

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Well, this just so happens to bear some truth. In a study, it was found that if people over 50 years old ate an apple a day, 8,500 heart attacks and strokes could be prevented or delayed. So let’s eat those apples! Have you experienced the phenomenon of eating cheese pizza for dinner and then had a lucid and scary dream that night? Well, this is so common and true that old wives have come back to it again, making it a place in folklore. However, there are some relevant scientific studies that prove that some components of cheese can cause bad dreams.

There are so many old sayings and wives’ tales that it is difficult to prove whether they are true or false.

But I still think that if my hands itch, it means that I will get some money, if my nose itch, someone is talking about me, if a bird flies in the window, someone will die, and if thunder during a funeral means that the dead has entered heaven.

Do you believe any old wives’ tales? Would you eat an apple a day or dream that you are eating cheese before bed?

Let me know and I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts!

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