Chronicle: Ice Cream Social – Cookie’s Creamery

Chronicle: Ice Cream Social – Cookie’s Creamery

tradition. >> Hi honey. It’s grandma. Kelly: The family love Matriarch that I felt at an ice cream shop in the Northern Hills. COOKIE’S CREAMERY opened earlier this year. >> She was basically my hero. Kelly: The name “cookie” is the grandfather of owner Joshua Helfer. She is still loved by her family, several years after they got over it. >> There is nothing more fun than ice cream, so I wanted to do something fun in her memory. Kelly: As you go through the doors of this ice cream shop on Babcock Boulevard, you may be greeted by several different generations of the same family, shared stories and family memories while ordering a pair of points. >> It’s amazing. I love working with my family. I think it’s great that my dad opened an ice cream shop, because we all love ice cream. My family is very unique, because we all have a special bond with someone else. My brother and I have a special bond. My family and I hold a special bond. >> Like blue and cream cookies. Kelly: The store offers a variety of ice cream treats. One-of-a-kind drinks, milkshakes and nearly 40 different flavors of ice cream per day you can get in a unique cone of Connery out of Brooklyn, New York. >> Comes in six different flavors. It is not just colored. It tastes exactly like that. There is dark chocolate. Pink vanilla. Cinnamon brown brown sugar, birthday cake. Orange cream. And the craziest is probably salted blue corn. Kind of tastes like Tostito. It’s a little salty and sweet all together. So, it works. They are fun. The people they love. KELLY: They also work with local businesses like LOVEN COOKIE and GOURMET. And when you search for the cookie sourdough, at every turn, you’ll see yet another reminder of the woman who inspired the work. >> Elephants are what everyone remembered about my grandmother. I loved the elephant. So, I made sure I put some elephants in here. This is where most of the elephant decor comes from. So, this was just – everyone remembered that she had elephants all over her place. Anytime someone saw an elephant, they thought of a cookie. KELLY: Rosenberg “Cookie” Eleanor passed away in July 2015. The memories of her family are as vivid as ever. >> GG was my best friend. We did everything together. When we went to the beach, we traveled together. I’ve been sleeping with her the whole time, with her friends. Kelly: Taylor Helfer has spent years in musical theatre. Her family shares a cookie of a voicemail message left after seeing one of her great performances. >> All I can say is, I have tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, and I’ve never felt so proud of a great-grandson as I do now. Kelly: Memories of people who say family vacations, and ice cream creamers, are their strongest memories in cookies. >> I loved the beach. I loved laughing. I loved life. I just loved life. I think that was her plan for the whole family. I really. Kelly: Helfer owners also say that family was the most important thing to cookies, like families coming together over ice cream on a hot summer night. And the family that joined forces to open this local ice cream shop. >> I think she is very happy. You should be here every day. My character should be at the front reception if she’s here. You should work here again. But it must be joy. >> All I can say is, you will feel excited. Sorry. KELLY: A family running to honor Cake Day after today. >> I love it too, because I feel like I make GG proud. I know it’s for my dad, he’s the owner, but I also feel like GG is a big part of this, obviously. Therefore, I feel very honored to work here, for my GG. >> Give her a big hug and a big kiss from me

Chronicle: Ice Cream Social – Cookie’s Creamery

New ice cream stores open in Pittsburgh every year, and in 2022, one North Hills store opened its doors to serve up delicious frozen desserts in addition to family traditions. Watch the video above to learn more

New ice cream stores open in Pittsburgh every year.

In 2022, one store in North Hills opened its doors to offer delicious frozen desserts in addition to family traditions.

Watch the video above to learn more

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