Chronicle: Ice Cream Social – Fan Favorite

Chronicle: Ice Cream Social – Fan Favorite

region. >> I’ve got a banana cream pie. >> KIND CANDY Cotton candy and blackberries. Ryan: DEL Plum Cream was one of the names we heard a lot from our viewers. >> My name is STACI DELMASTRO. >> And I’m Eric Delmastro. >> WE ARE THE OWNERS OF DEL’S CREAMERY. Ryan: And like most of the places that have been found, DEL has a unique story. >> We opened up on a whim. We need a tenant. He was a departing tenant, and my husband loves a cream berry who comes from New York, and wants to open an ice cream shop. We have the space in our building, Bloom Borough told us how they wanted it to be done, and we followed their recommendations. It was absolutely wonderful. We didn’t know what we were going to get. Ryan: But their clients are glad they took the leap into ice cold treatments. DEL’S is now a large part of the Bloom community. >> It’s great to have a place to bring your kids, enjoy some great ice cream and see all your neighbours. >> It’s a big bonus. Now, we go places and everyone says, “Hey, Stacey. Hi, Eric.” The kids will show you what they ordered. They will show you a bowl of ice cream with their candy and stuff. And everyone is smiling. We thought we just opened an ice cream shop, but we gave so much to the cohesion community. We included community in everything, all decision making. It brings people, families, children and everyone happy. It’s so much fun. Kelly: Ice cream brings families together in Trafford, West Morland County, too. >> I win! >> You win! Oh, you’ve got the old maid! Kelly: Her grandfather and grandchildren stop by to play a game of cards and get a cool summer treat. >> I’ve got cookie dough and CYCLONE VANILLA ICE CREAM. >> I got a pie from REESE with cookie dough. >> I got a finger butter milkshake. >> Grab the ice cream and play the old maid game. [LAUGHTER] KELLY: And a lot of our viewers were fans of SUTERSVILLE’s COUNTRY CUSTARD COTTAGE and the gift shop. >> We have very good and dedicated service from customers that we really cherish. Very happy with this polka for us, – they spoke to us, he was very kind and gentle. >> I wasn’t surprised that people said it was so good. It’s word of mouth. If you have the chance, get out of here. >> Often when we ride bikes. We’ve been writing for 20 years, you’ve got a lot of ice cream and a lot of food. This is always the best. >> And the little box is more than I have to eat. Kelly: And the mentality of the Custard Country Store – keep those customers happy. >> You never came here troubled. This makes you happy. We want everyone to come here and have fun, we will joke and talk to them. This is the purpose of ice cream. It’s not the world’s biggest decisions, it’s chocolate or vanilla. It’s fun and enjoy your time. Treat yourself and your children. Ryan: And even though we’ve come out with some of your favorites like ice cream – what are you going to get? >> My name is Lizzie. We’re in the AL’S CONE ZONE, and I got a little twist with rainbow sprinkles flipped into a glass. >> I have a sprain. >> I got a peanut butter shake because I’d be on the road, so I don’t have time. Try not to be too messy. >> Great tastes. Great prices. I bring kids here all the time. Bring the puppy, they have a small dog bowl. I can’t beat it. They are always fast, even when they are busy. It takes no moment. >> This is a coal float, and I got it from Custard Glen here in Lower Borrell, Pennsylvania. We took traffic to get here today. There is a lot of traffic at that end of the road. I tried to go left, I tried to go right. I wandered to another parking spot because I was so determined to stop here. We made a decision about the deluge of the planet before the time. But I could have gotten information 1

Chronicle: Ice Cream Social – Fan Favorite

When we began our journey discovering the ice cream scene in Pittsburgh, we asked you back home about the most popular ice cream stores in your area, and we went to visit several of the ones you suggested to see how they brought a sense of community across the Pittsburgh area. Walk around the area in the video above.

As we set out on our journey to discover the ice cream scene in Pittsburgh, we asked you back home about the most popular ice cream stores in your area.

We went to visit several of the people she suggested to see how they bring a sense of community across the Pittsburgh area.

Take a tour around the area in the video above.

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