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The Chrome Cruiser Auto Show, an annual event for local classic car enthusiasts, is already scheduled for June 11, 2023, again at Shell Rock.

The assortment of more than 100 classic cars each year includes cars and trucks from Butler and Bremer counties as well as around Northeast Iowa. It’s a Sunday social event that includes DJs from the ’60s and access to delicious food at local restaurants and ice cream establishments in downtown Shell Rock. Classic car aficionados gather to remember the glory days and admire the beauty and design of a variety of vintage cars and trucks from the 1930s onwards.

The stars of the show are usually among the dazzling beauties that exemplify the nostalgic muscle strength and chrome data of the 1960s. Vehicle owners share information about access to parts and accessories as well as exterior and interior maintenance and detailed experience.

The cruise coordinator and head of the organization for the past 25 years, Terry Arends, noted that the show began in Waverley but has been held at Shell Rock for the past 15 years because of the location. People love the idea of ​​a car showroom stationed in the middle of a small town where they have access to a restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Shell Rock also owns a successful ice cream shop, Scoop, which is highly regarded by auto show attendees on a warm summer’s day. Terry noted that the show brings in between 200 and 300 people who send him emails to comment on how much they love the town. In addition to the motor show, cruisers used to roam together to neighboring communities to dine on events. They also run fundraising events and donate over $25,000 for various Butler and Bremer County community needs.

After 25 years of group member activities and months of advance planning each year to coordinate the auto show, Terry turns the keys to the Chrome Cruiser organization into a new lead. Terry says driving the auto show fell on him as the head of Chrome Cruisers, and it’s time for him to spend more time with his wife Linda and her family. Chrome Cruisers was a loose organization with few member requirements, but Terry organized it as a 501C nonprofit so she could raise donations and sponsorships to cover the cost of awards and participate in community fundraising. This year, the awards cost $2,600 and are covered entirely by local sponsorship. Lon Peterson, a longtime Chrome Cruiser member who every year rides in multiple classic cars, expressed the great admiration shared by all members of the organization for the work Terry has done over the years to make the event a regional draw for the area and to keep the organization together.

Fortunately, the event and activities will continue. Jesse and Tom Vass of Shell Rock are now in the driver’s seat and are creating a new collection to continue the showroom at Shell Rock and to foster a love for vintage cars in the area. They secured a date for next year’s show in the city’s calendar. While the event is changed and expanded by the new leadership team to include larger targets, Chrome Cruisers will remain part of a larger vision that will include vehicles that have been fully restored or are in progress. There will also be room for new cars. DJ, Travis Miller, will still be on Cherry Street. Tom and Jesse hope to get more local sponsors for advertising and prizes. They also hope to bring more people to enjoy a family event at Shell Rock.

According to Jesse, “The auto show benefits a sense of community that we all value. This community is full of people who want to make sure things keep happening here. It is an event where people can be proud of their vehicles and their community, and it brings hundreds of people from out of town here.”

Tom and Jesse also want to make sure the event continues to support commercial endeavors such as food establishments and an ice cream shop. They hope Shell Rock will be recognized as a cultural center for vintage cars for a long time to come through an expanded network of information-sharing infrastructure.

Tom and Jesse encourage anyone who would like to help with next year’s event to contact them at [email protected]

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