Coles launches panko crumble chicken donut

Controversy rages as Coles shoppers debate whether to try their new $7.50 Panko minced chicken donut after sharing a photo online.

Supermarket shoppers are divided over a new product from Coles, with some claiming it is “smart food engineering.”

The discussion started after a Reddit user shared a photo of Coles’s new Panko Chicken Donuts.

The product, which weighs 400 grams and retails for $7.50, can be placed in the air fryer for just six minutes and is ready to eat.

But as the Reddit post commented: “Coles scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they couldn’t stop thinking about whether they should.”

As expected, there were a lot of opinions on the topic, and the forum quickly split over whether it looked delicious or if it was a too far-fetched innovation.

One Reddit user noted that “these are designed for quick air frying.”

“It maximizes the surface area-to-volume ratio while still creating a patty-like shape (eg for a burger) that doubles as a large chicken nugget**. This is actually really clever food engineering.”

Another person wrote: “I can imagine the kids love Grandma.”

Another said they rushed to Coles right away to buy some.

Others suggested that an empty medium would be ideal to make sure the sauce didn’t melt all over or crack an egg.

But some weren’t convinced.

One person said: “Carnivores: ‘I don’t understand why vegetarians would want to turn their vegan food into meat…if you want plants to eat only plants.’” “

Also a carnivore: ‘Doughnut chicken.’ “

Another said, “I hate this and any other kind of chicken nuggets like French fries. Keep changing the look like this will make us want it.”

The product is designed for children, said Daniel Slavin, senior category manager for poultry at Coles.

“[They] It was developed to help provide a family-focused meal solution even for those young eaters.”

“The vicious circle is a concept familiar to customers (calamari, cake) and provides more crunch when eating which is clearly what customers like.

“The Coles’ Own Brand meat development team worked closely with our development chefs to create a new range of easy meal solutions that appeal to families and support parents by making mealtime fun for kids while providing a quality meal.”

He added that the producer uses RSPCA-certified Australian chicken “with vegetables for subtle goodness” and said that as part of the same group, Coles also launched similar chicken dinosaurs with broccoli and chicken chips with broccoli.

“Chicken donuts are available in about 200 Coles supermarkets but are so popular that we’re looking to expand to more stores nationwide in the coming weeks,” he said.

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