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BOSTON, June 23, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has captured the attention of the United States and its European allies. Based on expert observations seen by HX Global, some have warned that China may seize the opportunity to make a similar move in Taiwan.

Relations between China and Taiwan have seen a deteriorating trend over the past few years. Since the split between Taiwan (Republic of China – Republic of China) and mainland China (PRC), Beijing has long viewed the island of Taiwan as a valid part of its territory and has expressed its plans for the eventual reunification of Taiwan with the mainland. . Despite the occasional escalation of diplomatic tensions over issues such as the possible independence of Taiwan, the two sides have maintained cross-strait relations, mutually beneficial to their economies, trade and cultural sectors over the past decades.

But Taiwanese officials described the current tensions between the two countries as the worst in 40 years. On April 12, it was reported that the Taiwan military released a civil defense handbook aimed at educating the public on what to do in the event of a nationwide emergency such as a military conflict. Taiwanese policymakers have also accelerated the debate on reforming reserve training and conscription to increase the overall readiness of its military.

The successful recovery of Taiwan as its territory would allow the Chinese government to use Taiwan as a strategic support against the “containment policy” of the United States and its military allies such as Japan and South Korea. The restoration of Taiwan would also allow China to expand its territorial maritime borders in the region and give it greater power in the South and East China Seas, as well as in the Western Pacific. US military officials are concerned that this could pose a threat to US military bases as far as Guam and Hawaii, as well as US “freedom of navigation (FON) operations” in the region.

US engagement with Taiwan leaders has also strengthened China’s “one China policy” stance, resulting in an increased frequency of Chinese naval exercises in nearby waters as well as military aviation raids in the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). On June 21, 29 Chinese aircraft, including six H-6 bombers and one electronic intelligence-gathering aircraft, entered southwest Taiwan ADIZ.

If conditions deteriorate, companies should:

  • Keeping abreast of political developments and monitoring reliable news or intelligence sources. Follow local media output and embassy bulletins and create a live information network.
  • Ensure availability of detailed emergency options, business continuity, crisis management and evacuation plans.
  • Maintaining an institutional public attitude of neutrality to avoid unwanted attention as it does not harm broader business initiatives.
  • Create an internal communications plan. Consider creating instant messaging groups where information can be quickly disseminated to employees in the event of a deteriorating security environment.
  • Discuss and review PRI coverage for policyholders in the event of commercial losses in the event of a dispute between China and Taiwan.

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