Constantine series reboot rumored to London gangsta star Soap Dereso

new Constantine Rumors have it that Sope Dirisu will play a leading role in the adaptation of the HBO Max series. According to a new report from The Illuminerdi, London gangs The series is being coveted to star, although this has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. or HBO Max. A rumored recording line for the series, written by British author Guy Bolton, has also been published, which you can look at below as well.

“The series blends urban action, physical horror, and the supernatural on the streets of modern London. It follows this young man whose entire world is upended when chance encounters a young girl who pulls him into a world of darkness, betrayal and mysterious.”

Reportedly, production will begin this fall and begin in early 2023, which could indicate a release date on HBO later next year. An additional report from Knight Edge Media also throws in some details about the other characters the series is looking to star in. Although it is also not officially confirmed, the site notes that the . file Constantine The selection call is looking forward to auditioning for Akara, the 10-year-old Cambodian girl who is the “emotional heart” of the story. Pich, a +60 Cambodian man who found Acara, was also listed on the order sheet. He is “at times amazingly strong despite his age.”

Today’s movie

Nigerian British Actor Sope Dirisu is best known for his role as Elliot Finch in the popular series. London gangs. His other television work includes roles in the millAnd the HumansAnd the black mirrorAnd the Halcyon. Deriso has also appeared in films his houseAnd the A quiet nightAnd the maternity sun, among other things. Last year, he was nominated at the British Independent Film Awards for his film his house The role earned him an additional nomination at the British Academy Film Awards for Rising Star Award.

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Does the Constantine series put Constantine 2 on ice?

Many fans may be wondering if there is progress in a new live show Constantine A restart string may mean that a file Constantine 2 The movie isn’t going to happen any time soon. For years, fans have been calling Keanu Reeves to come back for a new Constantine The movie, especially after the movie’s popularity has grown in the years since its original release. Even Reeves has said he wants this to happen, and has previously explained how he personally puts his efforts into trying to make it happen. He told Esquire last year:

“I love playing Constantine. John Constantine. I’ve played a lot of Johns. How many Johns have I played? I don’t even know. I think she’s over ten. But anyway, I’d like to have the chance to play Constantine again.”

As we’ve seen in both the MCU and DCEU in recent years, it’s possible to have different incarnations of the same characters in separate movies/shows taking place at the same time. If that’s good enough for Batman, why doesn’t it apply to Constantine? However, it doesn’t look like there are any plans in place at this time for Constantine 2but perhaps that will change if this series is successful.

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