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Why not congratulate with a cookie? With the help of Winston-Salem native, Anna Holbrook, the celebration can now be customized with sweets.

“I didn’t think about the possibility of opening my own business at first, I just wanted a hobby,” Holbrook said. “I had a friend from out of state make custom icing sugar cookies, and that piqued my interest not only because they looked delicious, but I realized we don’t have anything like that in Winston.”

Holbrook received inspiration in the summer of 2020 when wedding season was in full swing for many of her friends and family. “I’ve been attending weddings and bachelorettes, of all the festivities, and I thought a cute custom biscuit would be the perfect gift,” Holbrook said. “Guests went into high boots for them and had the impression that I was in business, so they started ordering cookies for their birthdays and other upcoming events.”

After noticing the increase in orders, Holbrooke carefully created her own cookie recipe and set up a fully functional business out of her home. “I couldn’t believe this was happening, and while I was filling out the orders, I knew I needed a name for my cookie business, and it’s a simple thing — Anna Biscuits Cookies (ABC),” Holbrook said.


ABC is celebrating its second anniversary this summer, with fully customizable icing sugar cookies, and elegant ties. “Building relationships with my clients has been the most rewarding part of this experience. Clients talk to me directly, whether it’s a phone call or through my social media sites, and we maintain contact from start to finish,” Holbrook said before I start baking. I draw a sketch of my favorite design for approval, and on more than one occasion I’ve had several designs in a set. Some of the people I’ve worked with previously know exactly what they want, especially when it comes to colour, while others have given me the freedom to explore and design.”

At this year’s Forsyth Women’s Conference, ABC made its biggest request yet, 275 identical heart-shaped cookies written on it: Girl Power. “I was grateful to be a part of such an empowering event, and to hear strong women talk about important information while enjoying my cookies.”


With summer just around the corner, ABC is currently working on a variety of cookie designs, with its current project being an elephant themed baby shower.

Holbrooke is proud of ABC but notes how it doesn’t collapse under pressure. “Owning your own business, in its entirety, can have its challenges. You cannot rely on anyone but yourself, and you have a responsibility to juggle all the customer services, baking, styling, cleaning, and keeping your private life out of the same space you work in,” he said. Holbrook. “I love creativity, I’ve always been creative and love baking, so it became a specialty. It helped me become who I am, not to mention having a good support system of my family and friends, who were my first clients. I hope I can continue the business, especially since its popularity has been It has increased in recent years with people wanting to have fancy cookies at their next celebration. Life is full of things to celebrate, so why not celebrate with a cookie.”

For more information and custom orders, visit ABC’s Instagram @annabakescookies and Facebook

Naima Saeed is a 23-year-old UNCG theater graduate and presenter of Heeere’sNeeNee Horror Movie Podcast.

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