Cool fan art imagining Spheal as different ice cream flavors

An artist comes up with impressive artwork that reimagines what Spheal, the Ice/Water Pokemon, would look like as ice cream flavors.

Scientist Pokemon Filled with many unusual pocket monsters that often feature unique designs. Sometimes, the appearance of these Pokemon is inspired by real world creatures and wildlife. Include many more examples to come pokemon scarlet and violet The starter is Quaxly, which looks like a duck, and Magnemite, which looks like a magnet. In addition, Spheal is another Pokemon that has a design based on a real animal.

As the name suggests, Spheal is similar to a seal. It has a round shape with short fins on either side of its body. While a Pokemon might resemble a seal, that didn’t stop one player from comparing it to another object in the real world; One that is less visible but much more appetizing.

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Recently, a player known as ariamisu on Reddit decided to mix Pokemon and ice cream into a piece of artwork they made, and chose to feature Spheal from Pokemon chain in the photo. While many players have created artwork starring this chubby, seal-like creature, it’s possible that few have created an image that transforms the pocket monster into different types of ice cream. However, that was exactly what the Reddit user did.

Pictured, ariamisu showcased six different types of Spheal, all with a unique flavor. Adding to the image’s appeal was the fact that the Pokemon was conveniently shaped like a scoop of ice cream. Impressively, the artist managed to include a redesign of each Spheal matching Neapolitan, pistachios, cake, cream, raspberry sorbet, coffee, and even onions. The Pokemon A fan gave each ice cream flavor a different set of colors to help sell the look of each. For example, the Spheal n Cream Cookies had a black belly with a predominantly white top side similar to the flavor it represented.

Since posting this artwork on Reddit, many Pokemon It came as no surprise that fans were quick to offer suggestions for other flavors the artist should try to represent from Spheal. With over 2,900 upvotes in just one day, many submitted possible ice cream flavors to try. “You must. Have. Pumpkin Spheal!” I-am-a-me said on Reddit. Additionally, some other suggested flavors included salted caramel, cotton candy, and mint chocolate. Furthermore, Ariamisu revealed that their favorite flavor is coffee.

While this appetizing art is undoubtedly memorable to many fans, it is just one of many pieces. Pokemon Fan art online. Indeed, there is no shortage of creations starring Spheal. For example, one player recently did a great Spheal animation in Blender that saw a pocket monster spinning around in a small body of water. Time will tell what other artifacts from the Pokémon Tournament will be shared with the community in the coming days.

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