Coral Springs ice cream parlor/cafe is expanding to Boca Raton

Generations of people in Coral Springs know Larry’s Ice Cream, a restaurant that has been around since 1986.

Over the past few years, the brand has been booming, with Larry’s outdoor café opening in Coral Springs Auto Mall across the street and the popularity of catchy TikTok videos garnering a total of 9.1 million likes.

Now comes the news that the brand is branching out with a third location—dubbed Larry’s Ice Cream & Cafe—at St. Andrews Plaza (near the Town Center Mall) in Boca Raton, and hopefully, it will debut by mid-June.

“The menu will be a little different…with our refreshments [signature glittery drinks] “We also make sweet crepes as well as savory crepes. So yeah, I think Boca has its own character, so we’ll do that too,” says Janet McGuinness, who has owned Lar’s since 2018.

Aside from 64 flavors of ice cream as well as shakes, sundaes, cookie pans (warm cookies topped with ice cream) and many other desserts, the new Boca Raton Café will offer Coral Springs-like fare with dishes like sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and chicken in waffle cones.

But there will also be a gourmet experience of comfort food with silver dollar pancakes, home-style breakfast sandwiches, Cuban sandwiches, Philly cheese, bacon/eggs/cheese quesadillas and the aforementioned crepes.

But that’s not all McGinnis planned:

  • Around the same time Boca Raton’s place is bending, she plans to roll out Larry’s Ice Cream Food Truck throughout the tricounty area.
  • The second Merchant’s Café, this Infinity-based coffee shop in Coconut Creek, is expected to debut this summer.
  • And there are plans for a bright pink delivery golf cart that will take Larry’s Ice Cream & Cafe treats and treats to other dealerships along Sample Road.

The dealership partnership began with McGinnis agreeing to a pop-up at Coral Springs Auto Mall in 2019.

“It’s literally across the street,” she says. “It’s like five agents. I did something with the operations manager… who mentioned there was a void they wanted to fill, and I added the food component that we were doing [at the ice cream parlor]. took off. I really did. I was there every day my freshman year, and I enjoyed working there every day.”

It’s the kind of job you feel fit in—though few would have guessed it knowing that, before diving into the food and beverage world, she spent 25 years in the financial services industry in the New Jersey/New York area.

But inside there was always the Creator, McGuinness recalls. “I always cooked something, baked something. We threw a lot of parties. I made this casino once in my backyard poolside. I was always Martha Stewart on the set. But when you can’t be creative when you’re creative, it’s stifling.”

So in 2018, she bought Larry’s Ice Cream, which was founded by Larry Kerian from the St. Petersburg, Florida area. (There were several subsequent owners, including Michael and Karen Mancuso, who sold it to McGinnis.) In the 1980s, Larry’s Ice Cream & Yogurt (or Larry’s Olde Fashioned Ice Cream) franchises opened all over Florida.

“I just feel like things are putting themselves in front of me for some reason. I didn’t blink. I just went away,” she says. “I love what I do. I’m obsessed with all of it. I can’t sleep without checking out Larry’s on social media and seeing what’s out there…what’s fresh and new. I’m always looking.”

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It naturally follows that McGinnis has put a lot of energy into creating TikTok videos, inspired by the Food Network.

“There was this show where they show you how [different foods] facilities and manufacture. I thought that was a good idea, and to show how we do it,” she says. “I even call it ‘The Show.'” We are an old salon. We make all the sweets in front of you, so we show that on TikTok.”

And 520 thousand followers devour the videos.

“We bring in people from Australia and Germany and everywhere in between… of all kinds,” she adds. “It is another source of creativity. And she interacts with the younger employees.”

That’s one reason McGuinness says she chose St. Andrews Plaza for Larry’s new Boca Raton version — proximity to young students at Florida Atlantic University as well as families in nearby suburbs.

“This site is jumping,” she says. “It is located right outside Boca city center, and every time you go there, there is a constant buzz. There is a lot going on in the area itself. It has catered for all the needs.”

Larry’s Ice Cream & Cafe is located at 21090 St Andrews Street, Boca Raton. For more information, go to

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