Culture and society top the grand opening of Nahr Al Dawmish Folk Park

The Seattle Harbor and Dowish Valley communities teamed up to see a park, transforming the land along the Dowish River, rich in history and heritage, into something the community (and the port) could be proud of. After years of cleaning, restoring, and building, this vision comes to life Saturday, July 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in South Park at the new Duwamish River People’s Park and Shoreline Habitat.

This celebration will fulfill a 20-year vision of transforming a plot of land acquired in 1999 into a purposeful and intentional representation of the local community and of the land as it was before industrialization and pollution. From the start, the task was to honor the land on a patrimony site, learn about the indigenous people who inhabited this area, and return it to a more natural state. It is extremely important to preserve these waterways because the Whirlpool is the only river in Seattle and is home to marine wildlife.

The grand opening will highlight the diversity of Dawmish Valley and the South Park neighborhood, which is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse areas in the city. It will celebrate the victories of the community partnerships formed from this project and the environmental achievement of this conservation project. That’s why the entire neighborhood and greater Seattle community are invited to witness the best that South Park has to offer!

This event is free and open for all to enjoy. Stop by and check out shows, speeches, activities, tours, kiosks, food, and more. The nearby Damish River Community Center, a resource center for the community’s economic development, will be open to visitors and featured information kiosks.

Here’s a quick look at who’s partying with us on Saturday:

the partnership

Earth Corps
The organization’s mission is to provide access to green jobs for all people, work towards a healthy environment, engage communities, and sustain the regional economy. They are a collaborative team of professionals and community partners who work together to increase access to green jobs to promote healthy communities.

DRCC . logo

River Damish Community Coalition (DRCC)
It was initially established in 2001 as the Dawmish River Cleanup Alliance. It provides the resources, knowledge, and action to build more than just an environmental future. Their mission is to raise the voices of those affected by Dwamish River pollution and other environmental injustices for a clean, healthy and fair environment for people and wildlife.

ECOSS logo

ECOSS . system
An urban environmental nonprofit was formed in Seattle in the 1990s. They provide environmental solutions that meet the needs of business, people, and nature throughout Washington. Their goal is to nurture thriving communities that are environmentally sustainable and just.

Al-Dawamish tribe logo

Tribal vortex services
This non-profit organization was established in 1983 to provide social and cultural services to the Dawmish community and to promote the social, cultural and economic survival of the Dawmish tribe.


  • Khmer Amerk – Young Dancers for Performing Arts
  • mariachi band mexico

food trucks

Muy Macho Logo

macho muay

It is typically parked in the business district of South Park and has served the neighborhood for over 20 years. Owner Judith Herrera loves this neighborhood because it is one of the most eclectic and diverse neighborhoods in Seattle. There was a time when Muy Macho had walls, but with rent rising, Herrera took her portable kitchen to continue serving the community. Taste the authentic Mexican food!

global cold logo

Global Chill

It serves vegan food, and provides fresh, environmentally sustainable food to the South Park community. They have a passion for the planet and delicious, healthy plant-based foods. The menu can be described as a mixture of Asian, Latin and Caribbean fusion. They believe in food justice and that everyone has the right to enjoy nutrition from Mother Earth.

Italic full ice cream logo

Full Tilt Ice Cream

The White Center was founded in 2008 by Ann Magyar and Justin Cline. They are famous for their natural ice cream and frozen desserts that contain as many local ingredients as possible. They operate retail locations in White Center, Columbia City, and Ballard that feature vintage arcade and pin machines, a mix of soda, great music, and the best brews in the Pacific Northwest.


DRPP visitors on a guided park tour

  • Park Tours
  • kayak tours
  • art activities
  • booths
  • Open House

Join Port and South Park on Saturday, July 16 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM for the grand opening of this historic park and preservation as it has become part of one of Seattle’s most historic and treasured communities.

We’ll see you at Dwamish River Folk Park and Shoreline Habitat!

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