Dark blue nail polish is popular

  • Dark blue nails are currently a popular manicure style.
  • The color is perfect for the transition from summer to fall.
  • We’ve rounded up navy blue nail inspiration to bring your next manicure appointment.

When it comes to dark and mysterious nail polish shades, the navy blue manicure takes the cake. Navy paint is on trend right now, especially since Polar Night, a very dark blue, has been named one of Pantone’s classic Fall 2022 staples.

“You can really enjoy the navy,” says manicurist Sunshine. “It’s another way for a neutral tone that looks good with just about anything.” Here, we get her tips on how to get a dark blue manicure and inspiration to take with you to your next salon appointment.

What do you order in the salon?

Dark blue is not a single color: there are many different shades of navy. You can choose anything from a lighter, more royal blue, to a very dark black (like Polar Night) to a metallic or glossy finish. You can ask your nail professional which shade is best to compliment your skin tone, says Sunshine, or just pick a color that calls out for you. “For some, skin tone doesn’t matter, so they might just want to be a little more creative when choosing navy.”

How to make navy manicure last longer

“First, make sure you polish your nails using two even coats that cover the entire nail and a light polish,” says Sunshine. If you’re using a traditional paint, once you get home from the salon, apply a top coat again the same day, skip the next, and do the topcoat again on the third day. “I find this method to be chip-resistant, and your manicure should last seven to 10 days—about the same as gel polish,” says Sunshine. She adds that if you’re wearing a gel polish, there’s not much home care besides not picking at the gel.

Professional tricks to do a dark blue manicure at home

Apply foundation for a sleek and lasting look by starting with a base coat or base coat of bump filler. “This will ensure that your polish can be applied evenly with full coverage, and can also help your natural nail plate not blue in color,” Sunshine explains. Use three full strokes – down the middle, on the left, then on the right. For the second layer, slow down a bit until everything is filled. Next, swipe the tip of the nail with color, and finish with a glossy finish. “The nails will look like water at night,” says Sunshine. elegance!

Can you do nail art in black?

naturally! But doing it yourself can be difficult, because dark colors can be unforgiving. Try something as simple as the French design with a nautical tip. “It’s very easy to make a strip or two or a few spots and doesn’t require a lot of practice,” says Sunshine. Just make sure your base color is dry before adding nail art.

Best inspo navy nail polish

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