Davis-born bakery, boutique café preparing to set up shop in Winters

Written by Aaron Gertz, McNaughton Newspapers

Winter – Top crust bread advances in hopes of filling the void. This new job comes to town with a resume filled with decades of experience, family traditions, and service to her community.

Upper Crust Baking Co. opened. Originally set in Davis in 1986 by Native New Yorkers Mo and Trudy Kalisky. Specializing in Jewish and French baking styles, the duo has delighted their customers with a wide variety of baked goods for decades. Their son Lauren – who spent his teenage years working in the bakery – has now taken over the business and holds aspirations that are only half-baked.

Mo, Lorin, and Trudy Kalisky are featured at Upper Crust Baking Company. (photo courtesy)

The baking traditions that we hold close to our hearts are French and Jewish. My family isn’t religious, but they are culturally Jewish, and their motivation was largely because they grew up in New York City and really lost the East Coast style of baking that they loved,” Lauren Kalisky said. Delicious rye, pumpernickel, challah, and New York cheesecake is out of this world. It has a kind of sugar cookie crust instead of a graham cracker crust, and it’s very dense and not overly sweet cheesecake. “

While Upper Crust Baking isn’t a bakery that specializes in cakes, it is a family business that shares its very own “Mojo” bakery that it’s been bringing into its community for decades. From croissants and pastries to cheesecake, Upper Crust Baking brings a flavor unique to the city that wouldn’t be absurd to taste.

“We’re not a Leicester Farmer, we’re not going to try to be a Leicester Farmer, but we might end up trying our hands on cake at some point in the future,” Kalesky said. “There are a lot of similarities between Lester Farms and Upper Crust Baking. The Lester family used a lot of their produce in their baked goods, and we call ourselves a ‘farm-to-oven’ bakery.” Since our establishment, we have always used local ingredients as much as possible. From the farmers’ markets we’ve done In the Bay Area all the way to Lake Tahoe, we have connections to all kinds of farms and agricultural producers all over Northern California and eavesdropping on those connections has been an essential part of our work to source ingredients locally.”

Lorin and Edith Kalisky are bringing Upper Crust Baking to Winters later this year. (photo courtesy)

In addition to baked goods, Upper Crust Baking is also part of the café and boutique. This does not mean that one can get not only coffee and tea, but also third-party items from family farms such as jam, honey, olive oil, nuts and dried fruits. The local community of local business owners has put out a lot of support for this lovable, local and community-centric bakery.

“The welcome we received was overwhelming. Everyone was so positive and enthusiastic and we got heaps of great feedback,” Kalesky said. “My family still gets involved a lot at the bakery, and I try to keep them occupied and they’ll be very present here at Winters too.”

With the family on board, Upper Crust Baking is set to officially open in Winters sometime in late July and early August.

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