Dinner drive show with ex-NASCAR driver Kyle Petty

Written by Alison Decker

Nashville, Tennessee – Kyle Petty, 62, is a former race car driver, musician, and speed enthusiast. Petty appeared on a new hit TV show, Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty, which premiered on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 8 PM Cairo time.

Episodes feature 12-30 minute commentary with Betty hand-selected sports and entertainment guests. Each guest’s car collection trifle discovers and takes a ride in one of the classics while discussing their own cars.

Former NASCAR driver Kyle Petty and former Hall & Oates musician John Oates in the studio.

Each guest takes Petty in his favorite car to one of the guests’ favorite restaurants.

Other episodes this year will include Olympian Shawn Johnson, world baseball champion Chipper Jones, musicians Scott and Seth Avit (more commonly known as the “Avit Brothers”), and NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon.

Betty said, “Working at Dinner Drive has allowed me to meet such interesting and diverse people and really get to know their stories – from childhood to the present day. I spent time in Nashville for season two with Jon Oates, Daryl Waltrip, John Rich, Scott Hamilton, Shawn Johnson and her husband Andrew East I love sitting with fellow runners like Daryl, but talking to musicians and other athletes outside of my usual world is also a big part of what makes dinner

Very enjoyable driving. Plus, I always love spending time in Nashville! “

The series can be broadcast on Pea-cock TV or on the Circle Network. Petty loves to learn where other people’s passion for classic cars comes from and has found that getting to know someone is best done over good food and conversation. His favorite car is a 1970 Plymouth Superbird. This episode shares facts about cars regarding history, movies, and celebrities. For example, the Superbird appeared in the animated film Cars and in 1970 the Superbird won 18 times in a total of 40 races.

Petty is currently working as a racing commentator for NBC and returns to the Grand Canyon State with over 200 of his closest friends and hosts his famous charity trip successfully across America. This April marked the 26th anniversary of the interactive and inclusive Betty Charity event.

The event raised more than $19 million for children with underlying health problems.

The final episode of Petty’s Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty featured Larry Wayne Jones’ only child, Chipper Jones, as they discussed his father’s legacy and their shared passion for classic cars.

Jones shares with Betty his most emotional car.

To stay up-to-date on upcoming episodes of Dinner Drive and for behind-the-scenes photos and videos, follow her on Facebook at Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty.

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