Disney character completely loses her head during wardrobe malfunction

There was an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at Walt Disney World recently, with one of the characters completely losing her head.

Credit: Disney

While at Disney World or Disneyland, there are many important parts that make up guest experiences. Stunning rides like Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, delicious restaurants like Cinderella’s Royal Table and Le Cellier Steakhouse, or enjoy grounds like Pandora – The World of Avatar or star Wars: The Galaxy’s Edge adds to the magic that can be found at Disney.

However, one of the most important and interactive aspects of the parks can be found in the characters who roam.

Disney World Gate
Credit: Disney

The cast members who have become our truly favorite Disney characters help make the parks and resorts come alive and feel real, allowing guests to live out their magical fantasies.

However, sometimes, cast members who play these different characters may encounter unexpected situations and malfunctions, and it’s not entirely their fault. This is shown in the TikTok video below shared by @lizy_lizelba:

Poor cast member 😢 #DisneyFail #like a failure #be our guest #magic kingdom #Disney world #the monster #Beauty and the beast #Disney characters

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Weak Team Member 😢 #DisneyFail #CostumeFail #BeOurGuest #MagicKingdom #DisneyWorld #TheBeast #BeautyAndTheBeast #DisneyCharacters

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As you can see, while guests dine and enjoy themselves at Be Our Guest at Disney World in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdon, The Beast wanders into the main dining area. Unfortunately, something caused a wardrobe malfunction and the entire head of the cast member fell off.

This is incredibly unfortunate but the staff members handled the situation perfectly, and quickly dealt with the glitch. The malfunction was a complete accident and there was no fault of the cast member portraying The Beast.

Be our restaurant guest
Credit: Disney

More about being our guest at the Magic Kingdom:

Dinner in the splendor of the palace

Enjoy French-inspired dining in one of our elaborately themed rooms – straight from the beloved Disney classic!

Be Our Guest Restaurant is a spacious and elegant dining destination located at the foot of Beast’s Castle in Fantasyland. Whether you enjoy lunch or dinner, you will enjoy an atmosphere made for memories.

Royal rooms for pro themes
Be Our Guest offers 3 meticulously imagined dining areas, each designed to immerse our guests in the mystery and romance of Beauty and the Beast:

  • Grand Hall Go baroque in this magnificent hall with its high vaulted ceiling, chandeliers and Gothic snow-capped arches.
  • West Wing – Dine at the West Wing’s mysterious beast study – if you dare – and maybe spy the enchanted rose of the beast.
  • castle gallery Dive into romance at Belle’s private library, and get inspired by the larger-than-life Belle and Beast dancing characters.

food regal

Get ready to pamper yourself!

Lunch and dinner table service include a 3-course set menu featuring French-inspired dishes, the très délicieux.

Start your meal with your choice of sumptuous appetizers such as French onion soup, lobster stew or a selection of handcrafted assorted meats and cheeses. For your main course, choose from a variety of mouthwatering appetizers – including delicious treats like filet mignon and sustainable fresh fish. Next, make room for a trio of delicious desserts.

Have you ever eaten at this Disney World restaurant?

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