Do you miss Top Chef Houston? Here are all the local restaurants featured in the show

Houston – If you miss “Top Chef Houston” like us, you can at least check out all the restaurants on offer.

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Of course, one of the top contenders all season, without giving up on score if you haven’t watched the season yet, was Houston’s Evelyn Garcia of Kane.

We delve deeper, episode after episode, to view all of the featured local establishments on Season 19 of Top Chef.


episode 1

As the season begins, who else will be judging the Quickfire Challenge to start things off? Dawn Burrell, of course! Seen here and in several episodes throughout Season 18, “Top Chef” is the executive chef of the upcoming late August restaurant, part of Lucille’s Hospitality Group.

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This first episode definitely set the tone for show attendance in Houston. Food is prepared for the Elimination Challenge for the episode at The Annie Café & Bar.


The judges joining the Top Chef trio of Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio and Jill Simmons as the Houston All-Stars read:

Episode 2

In this episode, the judge for the Quickfire Challenge was Irma Galvan from The Original Irma’s.

Burrell and Shepherd from Episode 1 were judges again in Episode 2.

Episode 3

If you’re in the mood for Asian food, this episode features some of the best in Houston. “Top Chef” had an Asian night market featuring:

Food was served from Post Houston’s Elimination Challenge, with featured chefs from:

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Episode 4

Lucille’s Chris Williams was the judge of the Quickfire Challenge on the biscuits.

Episode 5

This was the barbecue episode, with the food being prepared at J-Bar-M BBQ.

Greg Gatlin of BBQ Gatlin was a judge, with Willow Villareal of Killen’s Barbecue also sitting at the table with the judges.

Gatlin BBQ (KPRC)

Among the highlights are tasting the contestants’ barbecue dishes:

Chef Ara Malkian (Courtesy of Ara Malikian)

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Episode 6

Savor this episode of Elimination Challenge at Houston Brennan.

Kristen Ha (Blind Goat/Xin Chao) was a judge.

MASTERCHEF: Kristen Ha, a graduate student from Houston, Texas, is one of the Top 18 students on MASTERCHEF airing Monday, June 11 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX. © 2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Greg Gayne / FOX (first line media)

Episode 7

The Quickfire Challenge focused on Nigerian cuisine, with the judge being Ope Amosu of ChopNBlok.

The removal challenge had a real dinosaur feel at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Episode 8

Restaurant Wars! The fan-favorite episode of every Houston season was hosted this year at Post Houston.

Episode 9

Chef contestants try Soul Food from This is it.

Dawn Burrell has appeared from late August/Lucille’s Hospitality again, bringing her continued positivity.


Episode 10

This episode’s Quickfire Challenge was inspired by Ninfa’s.

Episode 12

In the season finale in Houston before moving to Tucson, a food tasting took place in Bloodorn with Aaron Bloodorn being a judge alongside Burrell.

And there you have it!

So, while we wait for the next season of “Top Chef,” you can eat your way through all of the above and have a great time doing it. Enjoy!

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