Dom’s Coffee owners open a new European-style ice cream shop in Avon

Already known for Avon coffee and cheese shops, Asta Plankiene and Andrius Plankis have been known to bring another culinary pleasure to their Dom brand: ice cream.

Almost seven years after the opening of the Dome Café on West Main Street, the couple debuted at Dom Creamery on May 28 in the building next to their famous café. They describe the ice cream shop, which has 18 handcrafted flavors daily, as “European style” inspired by their native Lithuania.

“We missed the old traditional ice cream shop with glass bowls… It’s a very European thing,” Blankin said. “Here, ice cream” is more on the go. “

Dom’s Creamery is designed for guests to sit back and stay for a while – and take some photos while they’re there. The space is flooded with natural light by day, accentuating its white and pastel decor, including an abstract mural in shades of mauve, yellow, soft green, brown, and lavender. Blankin said she wanted to get away from the “scream of bright colors,” but the store offers other touches of whimsy, like clumps of pastel balloons.

Pastel interiors from Dom’s Creamery in Avon

Monique Soreño / Contribution photo

The couple said they “love ice cream,” and set out to learn how to make their own ice cream, through virtual training via The Scoop School in Missouri — described as a “unique frozen dessert education and training facility” that is currently running courses. and potential ice cream retailers. With their new knowledge base, Plankiene and Plankis began experimenting with flavors, striving for a mix of classic and unique options to differentiate themselves from other local cream makers.

You’ll find vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, mint chocolate, biscuit, and cream, but other flavors may inspire you. Charcoal, for example, is made from powdered activated charcoal and features hints of coconut and chocolate. There is also ube, made from Philippine purple yam.

Ice Cream Journey at Dom's Creamery in Avon

Ice Cream Journey at Dom’s Creamery in Avon

Monique Soreño / Contribution photo

Other flavors are inspired by Dom’s drink menu, such as the ice cream version of the most popular coffee drink, the honey latte. Matcha appeared as a dairy-free flavor with blueberries and mint, and also as a soft serving option. Creamery even cites Shop Cheese for its innovative fig-and-parmesan flavor, where pieces of real cheese add texture and crunch to the mix.

Whatever flavors they offer, Blankin said, they are careful to use the best ingredients possible, ignoring things like artificial flavors and colors. Black raspberries, for example, are bursting with real fruit flavor thanks to the inclusion of fresh raspberries and blackberries.

“We eat ice cream, our son eats ice cream, and we want to keep it as healthy as possible, for the sake of society,” she said.

Ice cream is available in cups, cones, and milkshakes, and with coffee made in-store, Dom’s also serves espresso shakes, cold brew and brew (espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream.) Guests can also enjoy staples like Belgian pancakes, sweet and savory crepes, and ice cream sandwiches with muffins. Fresh.

Can’t decide the flavor? Dom’s also offers a flight, with a ceramic plate containing six teaspoons of your choice. The pints are provided in a freezer box to take home.

Sweet crepe from Dom Creamery at Avon

Sweet crepe from Dom Creamery at Avon

Monique Soreño / Contribution photo

Blankes and Blanken came to America from Lithuania nine years ago with their son Dominic, who was then just a baby. The couple said that Blankes’ mother, who is an integral part of the Dom brand, has already been living in the United States for 20 years.

“We knew he’d have more opportunities here,” Blankin said of her son. “And we are very happy with this decision every day. He is very happy here, and it is a great place to live.”

She said that this move was not without difficulty, as they did not know anyone in their new surroundings. But they soon made friends within their community. Seven years later, they have built a loyal following of the Dom brand, and the cream attracts a wide audience of ice cream lovers.

“That was our goal, to create this safe place where [guests] “You can come and sit down and feel at home,” said Blankin. “And which is nice, because we see friends coming in, we see couples coming in for dating, and we see families with kids coming in. If someone asks, ‘Who is your customer?’ Everyone.”

Dom’s Creamery is located at 16 West Main St. in Avon. 860-404-5291,, domscreamery.

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