DumPrince Dumpling House has Muslim-friendly Chicken La Mian Collagen in Chinatown

Dombrince Dumpling House in Chinatown Point

We previously visited the Kure Menya in Tanjong Pagar and thoroughly enjoyed the collagen rich chicken broth found in the ramen there. If you’ve missed it since it closed, don’t worry, because they’re back DumPrince Pancake House in Chinatown Point!

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Where Kure Menya used to specialize in Japanese-style ramen and more, they’ve turned to the new leaf, serving up La Mian and Chinese-style dumplings instead – albeit served with the same signature collagen soup. As before, the ingredients used in DumPrice Dumpling House are all Halal certified, although the restaurant itself is not.

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Prices here start at 5.50 bucks for QQ Shrimp Noodles Soup with clear soupor 7.50 USD with Collagen broth. Other options you can have with hand pulled noodles are chicken dumplingsAnd the Shrimp dumplingsor kofta ($6.90 / $8.90)all made in-house.

If you prefer dry pasta, there is also Zhejiang Noodlesor Sichuan noodles hot and sourand both are priced 6.90 bucks. There’s also a bushy bumblebee, if you’d rather not pull the pasta by hand.

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just to 3 dollars What’s more, you can make your own bowl of noodles into a set meal, which will come with a choice of chicken or Shrimp dumplingsor a Mini chicken cutlet. Here, you can choose to serve your dumplings boiled, fried or fried. Complete it with either of them Iced tea with lemonor lemon honey.

Otherwise, you can have dumplings to order: they are at a price 5.50 bucks for sixAnd the 8.80 dollars for 10Whether you are looking for shrimp or chicken dumplings.

dumpling - Sichuan spicy dumplingImage credit: thatfoodadv

Instead, get it in collagen broth 7.90 USD or $10.90or like Sichuan spicy dumplingsAKA hong you chao shou, for 6.50 US dollars And the $9.90 For six or 10 dumplings in a row.

For more Chinatown meals, check out our Chinatown food guide; Otherwise, join the queue at the famous yong tau foo kiosk in Chinatown!

Address: 133 New Bridge Road, B1-47C, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Opening hours: daily from 11 am to 8:30 pm
Tel: 8886 1066
DumPrince Dumpling House is not a halal restaurant, but it uses halal certified ingredients

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Main image adapted from @bbjiaksimi’s post.

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