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Don’t look now, but August – and thus back to school for most kids in our area – is only about two weeks away.

Don’t tell them, but their summer is over. And for the rest of us? As a general rule, consider Labor Day weekend as the unofficial end of our summer season. Temporary workers outside stay scorching, but the routine is back here. You know, football and everything.

Even if you don’t care about football, you can generally count on September as a return for social gatherings across our region.

Food wise, though? You don’t have to wait that long anymore. There are a number of fun events taking place between now and Labor Day to keep your taste buds entertained.

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Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market started a series of three “Dinner Desserts” led by talented pastry chef Meredith Sewell.

The first was held last week and included Southern Sweets. Yes, the entire dinner was several dessert dishes. One of them includes Peach Cornbread Cake Upside.


This week, on July 15, they are hosting their second dinner. “Your childhood sweets.”

Not sure what’s on the menu, but is there a dessert that was a part of your childhood that you didn’t enjoy? Their last dinner this month will feature desserts from Molecular Gastronomy. That will be on July 22nd. You can find more on Emporium’s Facebook page or find tickets at

Not to be outdone, Rocks on the River at The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront has officially launched an exciting new brunch music series. The chain features live music every Saturday and Sunday through September 26 as well as cocktails made with Ketel One Vodka.

The breakfast and brunch menu at Rocks on the River offers breakfast classics plus fresh salads and more. Musicians will play from 10am to 1pm.

Rocks on the River will also host a Don Julio Tequila Dinner on August 18 at 7 p.m. Tickets for that can also be found at

A few blocks down the street from there at the “District Live” venue on Plant Riverside, the monthly brunch is served with gospel. I mentioned it in this space last month before their first round, but the second is coming up soon, July 24th.

Some other dog news and notes:

Members Le Cafe GourmetR In Montgomery near Broughton Street they may have noticed that the place has closed for renovations.

The original owners who moved here from France to open the show and were a huge success have sold the space to another couple who plan to keep the concept as is, but are giving it a facelift. Look for it to reopen soon.

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Kyle Jakovino Vitoria Pizza At Starland Yard they finally announced their expansion official, kinda kind. They have been planning to add a second oven to their very popular space for some time now, but the work has already begun.

If you’re familiar with Starland Yard, the Entry Container will now be part of Vittoria with the second furnace going there. Good news for the long wait times on the weekends. Kyle told me that the expansion will now include a takeaway window on DeSoto Street so you no longer need to enter Starland Yard to grab the best pizza in Savannah.

This project will be completed in 6-8 weeks or so. Just in time for football.

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