Eat Your Way Through World Beat 2022: Who Will Serve

Salem’s World Beat Festival returns this weekend with vendors and multicultural food and drinks. This year, the festival celebrates 25 years of a festival of music, dance, food and traditions for more than 70 countries and cultures, according to their website.

The festival is set up in Riverfront City Park so that vendors from the same or similar region/continent are grouped together. The groups include Africa, Middle East, Americas Village, West Asia Pacific Village, East Asia Pacific Village and European Village, and other vendors will be on the Coliseum and Grand Boulevard.

Vendors will be open throughout the festival. Most follow the general festival hours with a few exceptions, such as the sale. Feel free to walk around and buy whatever you want. Each vendor will receive at least one special dish highlighting their culture for $5. Alcoholic drinks will be served in the amphitheater.

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