Eating Out Restaurant review: Automatic, South Perth beats pasta predicament with delicious food and service

It’s a sentence you never want to hear when you walk into an Italian restaurant…there was a problem with the pasta.

However, this pasta panic was the predicament we found ourselves in when dining at Automatic in South Perth on the weekend.

The friendly waiter immediately drew our attention to the missing menu items that day: only two pasta options survived.

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If you’re like me, I’ve perused the menu before I dined there, and my group selections are off the table now.

camera iconCaprese ($18.50). attributed to him: Jade Jurewicz

Fortunately, Automatic has a sort of A3 spread menu that is crowd-pleasing with a wide range of communal dishes, pizza options, mains, and desserts, so the missing items can be overlooked.

We opted for the San Daniele Pizza ($28.50) topped with a tomato base, mozzarella, prosciutto, basil, arugula, and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

San Daniel's Pizza ($28.50).
camera iconSan Daniel’s Pizza ($28.50). attributed to him: Jade Jurewicz

The thin Roman-style base was beautiful and light and the tier-to-base ratio was spot on; There is nothing worse than fighting over a few pieces of prosciutto to get your slice of pizza.

One ratio that was a little low was the size of the table to the size of the plate. With the table for two being so small it became a bit of a puzzle to fit the three plates, drinks and water, but armed with silver pizza booths, the waiters were very helpful.

As one that doesn’t skip Caprese ($18.50) on a menu, this version forgot that there were any other dishes we wanted to order.

Rigatoni with Beef and Pork Bolognese, Tomato Sogo, Parmigiana Reggiano and Parsley ($27.50).
camera iconRigatoni with Beef and Pork Bolognese, Tomato Sogo, Parmigiana Reggiano and Parsley ($27.50). attributed to him: Jade Jurewicz

Unlike others I’ve eaten before, Automatic used cherry tomatoes that have been peeled, which makes them sweeter and juicier. With plenty of balsamic, basil and a lovely burrata ball, eating was fun. The only slight feeling was that the burrata was a little harder on the inside and less drained than most.

Rigatoni with beef and pork bolognese, tomato sogo, parmigiana reggiano and parsley ($27.50), pasta that lives, was all you really wanted in a bolognese. Plenty of well-seasoned sauce and cheese to gobble up on a winter’s day.

The automatic is spacious and welcoming. While it started filling up when we dined there, it’s the kind of place that’s going to be a sensation in the evening with volume levels up as diners fill up on pizza, wine and hopefully a full selection of pasta.


Address: Shop 4, 5 and 6/35 Mendes Street, South Perth

Verdict: Great menu, great restaurant, and entree with a big appetite. The service is friendly and there are plenty of dishes to take you to Italy for a moment.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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