Egghead specialty breakfast sandwich maker expands downtown

Silicon Valley Café & Restaurant, known for its breakfast specialty sandwiches, has rented a new space in downtown San Jose. The Egghead Café – or Egghead Sando Cafe – is expected to open a new location at 80 S. First Street sometime in the next five months. That’s according to Nick Goddard of commercial real estate firm Colliers, who spoke to Mercury News. Goddard arranged a new Egged lease for the 2,500-square-foot space. Express Deli from Zanotto was the newest tenant on site.

New location at 80 S. First St. in San Jose. | Image credit: Google Maps

Egghead Cafe recently opened a location on the Capitol Expressway near the intersection with Vistapark Drive. The breakfast sandwich staging post opened its original location on Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino two years ago, but according to Instagram posts, that location closed on May 26. The reason for the closure is unclear but the lease agreement for the second location in San Jose appears to indicate that the owners have not been completely affected by the pandemic.

Last year, a Hoodline report ranked the store as one of the 14 best brunch and brunch places in South Bay. He uses only the freshest organic ingredients to create his signature sandwiches like ‘The Scramble’ which features soft cage-free scrambled eggs, chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and spicy mayonnaise on a delicious brioche bun. Another successful sandwich is the “Hawaiian Morning” which uses a brioche bun filled with a medium-sized egg, spam, arugula, ketchup, and house sauce. It also has a fried chicken sandwich topped with an over-medium oozing egg.

Image credit: @egghead_sando_cafe/Instagram

Egghead also has a selection of coffee drinks along with tea options including matcha latte, hojicha and green tea with cucumber and pineapple. It also offers a few types of non-caffeinated drinks such as “Pink Dream” featuring passion mint and salted plum soda or black sesame milk.

Image credit: @egghead_sando_cafe/Instagram

Breakfast and brunch crowds are still few in Silicon Valley than they were before the pandemic, but Goddard told Mercury News that downtown San Jose is picking up speed. “Rental activity is really strong right now in downtown San Jose. We’ve got a lot of tenants signing up at good rental rates. The exact opening date for the new Egghead Sando Cafe hasn’t been announced, but follow the store’s Instagram page for updates.”

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