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Dhaka: Want to spend a delicious night tasting food in the capital like never before? If yes, then do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful live cooked meals that the signature Amaya Food Gallery in Amari Dhaka serves to its guests.
At Amaya, foodies can enjoy a lavish buffet consisting of many delicacies from all the favorite and authentic Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines.
What makes it even more special is that Amaya is all about live cooking. Guests are sure to be mesmerized by the restaurant’s four live cooking stations while expert chefs prepare delicious lively and eye-catching dishes, curated exclusively to each guest’s preferences.
Above all, Amaya has everything for everyone. No taste bud will go unattended once it enters gastronomic paradise.
For meat lovers, this popular butcher’s block is more than just a bite. You will find different types of meat options and portions available at the butcher block counter. Grilled chicken, grilled lamb, lamb kofta, and stuffed meats are all just to name a few of the mouth-watering items from the block.
Also, these delicious items can be enjoyed with different types of spices such as brown sauce and mint, among others, to take the essence and taste of meat to new heights.
The other popular cuisine among us is undoubtedly Indian, and Amaya is sure to take the crown on that.
The Indian Corner starts with delicious street food. Street food lovers can have excellent street food like baba damm, kachuri, dahi fuchka, etc. prepared based on their customized preferences directly.
However, the most distinctive and popular feature of Amaya is its Tawa specialty, where the practice of live cooking truly thrives where you see delicious items like brain, chicken, corn etc. displayed on a huge tawa right before your eyes. This alone is sure to bring water to your mouth as you wait impatiently to taste the heavenly looking food.
A variety of seasonings including mint chutney and others make dishes more flavorful.
At the Indian Corner, you will also meet tandoori and kebab euro cravings with delicious tandoori and kebab varieties. What makes it even more fun and exciting is that you can ask the chef to make it live however you want.
This is not all. The counter prides itself on authentic Indian mains that will make you forget about anything else once you put in the delicacies like daal tarka, bhindi masala, Indian-inspired Malabar fish curry, Mughlai chicken and lamb dum biryani, among others.
Then comes the Japanese counter for those who wish to get lost in the authentic taste of Japanese flavours.
A wide range of popular sushi items will catch your eye as soon as you step into the Japanese corner. Different types of sushi, sashimi and assorted rolls will be prepared right in front of you to your liking by the expert sushi chef and enjoy the true flavors of sushi.
The Chinese counter is not far behind. The best thing about Amaya is that every cuisine or item served by the restaurant is as authentic as it is.
At the Chinese counter, there are different types of noodles and ramen specialties to choose from. You will find six different types of ramen including soba, dragon, yellow, etc. There is also spicy chicken soup and other seasonings to make your own noodle soup.
Apart from that, you will find delicious Chinese items that have always been our corner favorites such as Hakka noodles, Szechuan shrimp, fish with hot sauce, sweet chicken and many more.
Another fan-favorite delicacy served at the Chinese counter is dim sum. You’ll find the cutest little colorful dim sum, just as delicious as it is beautiful on display, to dip into. For dim sum, there are different flavors available like spicy, non spicy, chicken, veg and fish, made to order live etc so that everyone with any kind of taste buds stay happy.
If you rule Japanese and Chinese cuisine, then the Thais reign equally.
The Amaya Thai counter stands strong with delicious, authentic and succulent Thai favorites such as Thai fried rice, fried noodles, fried vegetables, cashew nuts, chicken, steamed fish with lemon and chili sauce, thick Thai soup, etc.
To delight grill lovers, Amaya offers another exciting addition – it’s always a grill corner!
You can choose from a range of delicious items like crab with mustard sauce, fish with lemon and butter sauce, chicken wings, etc. that you want the expert chefs to grill and they will do it alive.
To end the feast perfectly, Amaya’s delicious dessert table is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth out there.
Bread with butter pudding, red velvet cake, coffee flavored cake, chocolate mousse, different types of mango, chocolate fudge cake, lemon tart, basbousa, chocolate brownie, and local delicacies like Gulab Jamun are definitely the winners and favorites for any desert lover.
Moreover, live ice cream with different flavors and spices acts as the perfect icing on the cake.
The most attractive thing about this exclusive dinner buffet is that at a net price of only 5499 BDT. The restaurant also offers Buy One Get Two on select bank cards.


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