Eric’s Ice Cream Factory produces sweet desserts, lasting memories throughout Northwest Ohio

“We talk about it as a five-minute break from life, and you have no idea what people are going through that day,” Eric Gerber said.

Ohio, USA – Eric’s Ice Cream Factory, a local homemade ice cream shop, is celebrating its success with the hot weather.

They make almost all of their products by hand, and the store is known for its unique sweet products.

Eric’s Ice Cream Factory started their business in 1999 and have been able to thrive so much that they have three of them in Defiance.

One is in Bryan and the other is in Bowling Green and they also have a mobile ice cream shop.

“I’ve got a sample of 3 scoops and I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s what I want to do. Because you can try everything,” said Bree Cook, a student at Bowling Green State University.

Kylie Cassio, who is also a senior with her friend Cook, added, “Yeah, I love that too and I love how you can see how they make the ice cream. I think that’s cool.”

Scoop after scoop, it’s easy to become a favorite among sweet-toothed customers.

Eric Gerber is the president of the Eric’s Ice Cream Factory of the same name.

“We started producing all of our ice cream by 2012, and in the last few weeks and at all of our locations because it’s so hot, we’re making roughly 2,000 gallons of ice cream a week,” Gerber said.

But it is much deeper than what you see inside these bulldozers.

Families make memories.

“Do you remember coming and getting ice cream with mama and paw?” Grandma said to her grandson who said yes.

It’s about private root floats.

And find a refuge from everything that happens in the world.

“We talk about it as a five-minute break from life. And you have no idea what people are going through that day. What’s going to happen tomorrow. We have all kinds of stories about so and so about cancer treatment that’s the only thing they want,” Gerber said. .

This is why Gerber takes ice making seriously.

He’s taking it to another level by expanding throughout Northwest Ohio.

“We’ve looked in the Perrysburg, Maumee, Waterville, and the Netherlands areas. In addition to Napoleon, Archbold and here in Bowling Green, we’d like to locate a secondary site. We’ve also been working on franchise development over the past two years,” Gerber said.

This growth in 23 years will not stop soon.

Because they know customers need five minutes of vacation on a hot summer day.

“Growing up, I’d always go to McDonald’s. I got like a dollar cone. But now, I’ve upgraded a little bit to Eric. So no matter what takes me back to my childhood,” Cook said.

You can actually own Eric’s Ice Cream Factory through its franchise.

All you have to do is visit

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