Explaining the controversy over chicken, maple butter and eggs

Starbucks chicken, maple butter, and egg sandwich were recalled. A new addition to the list, the controversial snack sparked comments on Twitter and Reddit throughout the week as people complained about its negative effects.

Starbucks definitely knows how to make great coffee and the perfect accompaniment. However, the new sandwich introduced by the chain appears to have been a failure. The company confirmed in an email to the Daily Dot that it had issued a voluntary halting and discarding order for the product in question, also known as Chicken, Maple Butter and Egg Sandwich.

According to the leading coffee chain, the sandwich did not meet Starbucks’ quality standards which led to the recall. They determined that the recall was not from the Food and Drug Administration, and was not related to Listeria or Salmonella.

What do consumers say about the recalled Starbucks sandwich?

Consumers of the chicken, maple butter, and egg sandwich expressed mixed opinions.

One user flagged the franchise on Twitter and said:

“I’m pregnant trying to enjoy a chicken sandwich while it’s raw!!!!”

Several TikTok users have claimed that the sandwich made them sick. One TikTok user claimed he was in urgent care with possible listeria infection due to the culprit in the sandwich. Another person said:

“If you feel genuinely ill after eating a new maple chicken sandwich, you should go to the hospital to have the listeria checked.”

While no specific reason has been given for the alleged recall of the new chicken sandwich, the consensus among netizens appears to be that there are a host of problems associated with the snack. With claims like, β€œSome had bones and tendons, others were raw on the inside,” they pile up, and the chain appears to have pulled the sandwich before things got worse.

Well, not much Starbucks won’t tell you – but if you get their new maple chicken sandwich recently, many of them will be called out for not meeting quality standards, so if they still serve it…don’t get it

How did the controversial sandwich taste?

One person who had a chicken, butter and egg sandwich shared their ordeal. They started by saying that the look of the sandwich itself was disappointing, but that didn’t stop them from trying it.

The first bite revealed that while there were both eggs and chicken pie, the sandwich somehow tasted like muffins. This may be due to the toasted oatmeal cookie rolls that were used as sandwich bread, a thick, fluffy bite completely moistened with maple butter.

Since I had Tweet embed Chicken sandwich on June 23, I’ve been in the toilet, I’m vomiting, I feel very feverish and dehydrated πŸ˜™

A Starbucks customer claimed the egg was good and they didn’t notice any quality issues. The eggs tasted just like the eggs in a fast-food breakfast sandwich and are expected to taste, inoffensive but too bland to stand out against the bolder flavours. Surprisingly, the chicken pie was a real disappointment, and they described the same as “a firm, flat, microwaveable, non-destructively crunchy, flat piece that just doesn’t cut it.”

Because of the sandwich recall, Starbucks encourages customers to talk with their barista about an alternative that meets their preferences. The beverage outlet also indicated that customers can contact the Customer Contact Center at 1-800-782-7282 to convey their concerns and have their questions answered.

Edited by Mohini Banerjee

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