Explore the live music scene in Pueblo with these places

In the pueblo, there is no shortage of places to see live music performances.

Rock, R&B, folk, country, electronic and jazz performances can be heard in small venues throughout the pueblo. Some shows can be enjoyed for free. Here are four places to see live performances by local musicians and possibly discover your new favorite artist.

Analogue by Solar Roast Coffee features weekly live shows and a jazz piano cocktail hour

With books, drinks, recordings and live music, Analog from Solar Roast Coffee has a little something for everyone.

In 2020, Mike Hartkoop, owner of Solar Roast Coffee, opened Analogue Books & Records, a vinyl record and bookstore next to his Downtown Pueblo Café at 225 N. Main St. Can stop at night to enjoy an alcoholic drink, a good book and watch a live show in the adjoining recording room.

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