Fahita House Secures Chicago Expansion by Signing Five Units

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Updated: Jul 15, 2022 16:48 EST

Watch out, pizza. There is a Takeout Tex-Mex takeover on the horizon for the City of Windy. Texas-born Fajita Bites has announced the signing of five locations in Chicago, the first of which is scheduled to open by the second quarter of 2023. This latest deal signing brings the total number of units opened at the Fajita Beat as well as the number of units awarded just north of 100.

Next in line

From hot dogs to deep-fried pizza, Chicago is one of the most popular restaurants in the world of classic cooking that has risen to cult status. And if you ask the franchise duo of Teddy Wyder and Veronica Rivero, their fresh fajitas delivery is sure to be a Chicago fan favorite.

A Longtime Chicago couple turned restaurant entrepreneur, Wyder and Rivero share the origins of their fajita-packed journey. After a Texas business partner raves about Fajita Pete after each visit, the couple contacted Fajita Pete’s franchise boss. “We quickly fell in love with the business model, the team, and of course the food,” Wider says. “Chicago is a great food city, but it doesn’t have anything like fajita pate.”

duo franchise

Wider He will lead the process with an MBA degree from the University of Minnesota and nearly two decades in manufacturing and logistics, and states that he finished second in a burrito-eating competition.

Rivero complements the duo’s credentials with years of experience in sales and marketing at tech startups. She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and co-founder of the Chicago chapter of Latina, a professional organization that helps provide women of color with the right tools and resources to advance in their careers.

“The Fajita Pete team has spent many lifetimes in the restaurant industry,” said Pedro “Pete” Mora, who founded Fajita Pete’s in 2008. “It was so worth it to be able to turn all of our experiences—mistakes and all—into opportunity. Uniquely simplified for entrepreneurs.

A twist on the traditional Tex-Mex style

For more than a decade, Fajita Delivery Professionals called Fajita Delivery Professionals have focused almost exclusively on takeaway fajita meals, delivery and catering. The spread of the iconic DIY includes fresh tortillas and a whole host of homemade “family-style” side dishes that complement skirt steak, chicken, shrimp, vegetarian, or pulled pork carnitas.

“Fajita Pete embraces recipes that are simple and traditional, with a twist,” Mora shares. has evolved? A typical Fajita Pete’s has a few tables and more than half of the 1,200 square feet of space dedicated to a full kitchen.

“Fajita delivery may be funky,” admits Mora, “but Fajita Pete is totally driven by tradition and family. We make authentic fajitas a tradition that you can enjoy around your own table.”

Where will we see the next fajita house? “It’s always a humble day when we grow our Fajita Pet. Look for a handful of other exciting updates in the coming months,” Mora hints. “But for now, we’re very happy that Teddy and Veronica are on our team and that Chicago will get a taste of what Tex-Mex is all about.”

About Fajita Bites

Fajita Pete’s currently has over 100 units open or in development nationwide. For more information, visit franchisefajitapetes.com. For press inquiries, contact [email protected]

Source: Fajita Bites

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