First bite: Dream Creamery by Travail

work group They added to their collection something more whimsical than an umbrella full of hanging meat: an ice cream shop called Dream Creamery.

When MN BBQ closed last year, the team left the building empty while they considered their best move. It didn’t take long for them to find out, because they found a secret weapon: Nate Mickelson.

Mickelson is a co-owner of the company who is an ice cream connoisseur, “I do this everyday thing, I play a game called Where’s The Middle of the Pint? I always lose!” He loves ice cream. No, he really likes ice cream. Yes, more than you.

Of course he has fond childhood memories of eating ice cream, and that’s what the whole place is based on. But he’s one of those people who has found a creative path with her, it’s his medium.

“When I was a cook at Libertine with Tim McKee, we had a full animal dinner. One night Sameh Wadi was the guest chef, and at the end of the night he came into the kitchen and shouted ‘Great job tonight!'” ‘I’m opening an ice cream parlor, who wants to come make ice cream in the morning?!’ Everyone looked around, and I thought: I want to do it! So I raised my hand.’

This is where he met Ben Spangler, who Mickelson said helped change his life. “I went to the interview and there he is, they are all tattooed and scary. So he asks me why I want to work there. I say: Nobody likes ice cream more than me. He looks at me in the eyes of the dead man and says: I like ice cream more than you, and I said: No, not you, He replied: You are an employee.

Spangler and Mickelson Milkjam Creamery opened with Wadi during the chilly January, and there was a line out the door. After Spangler left, and decided to open his own shop, Bebe Zito, he called Mickelson to join him. Mickelson told me, “I learned a lot from Ben, he’s like my brother.” But the partnership did not work out and he left.

That’s when he decided to pitch the idea of ​​an ice cream ghost kitchen to the Travail guys. But as he said, “It wasn’t great enough for them.” Besides, they had a building to fill which happened to be in the neighborhood Mickelson has lived in for the past fifteen years.

Dream Creamery is the antithesis of ghost kitchen. It wants to be a place that beats like the heart of the neighbourhood. Co-owner Mike Brown told me, “There was a guy from the neighborhood who was watching us renovate, and he opened one of our soft slots and said, ‘Oh, that’s ice cream??? “.First triple scoop. That’s like a pint of ice cream, man.”

All flavors have a story, playing Mickelson’s childhood nostalgia. Grandma Jean’s Oatmeal Cookie literally uses his grandmother’s recipe and makes him think of it every time he eats it. The films with Shannon, which premieres this week, is a tribute to his sister, “The first movie I saw in theaters was Aladdin, and she took me. I shocked the franchisees when I asked them to take Milk Duds and put them in a bucket of buttered popcorn when they were filling it up.” . This is a killer hack. From then on, he makes butter popcorn-flavored ice cream with brown butter strips, caramel, and chocolate chunks. Mercy.

And we didn’t even talk about burgers. There’s an Oklahoma-style smash burger that actually lit up MSP Burger bars. I was eating a full dinner, with the intention of snacking on this thing, and I ended up eating it. It’s a wonderful thing. But, there’s also lobster rolls (Mickelson has spent time in the Smack Shack kitchen and knows his way around seafood too), cheese curds, and French fries.

This 8-bit pixelated Mario game is all nostalgic for Mickelson, who was born in 1984 and grew up playing Nintendo. He thinks the neighborhood, full of families, would appreciate the gesture. I think they would appreciate the burgers and hard ice cream, and a place with picnic tables within walking distance. But having an icy screeching scientist spinning around every scoop he poses and smiling from ear to ear while doing it, that’s also a nice plus.

Dream Creamery is open Wednesday-Sun from noon to 9pm. You can also find pints at Lucie’s Pizza. The team is looking for a few shovels and chefs, so you’ll probably get the best summer job ever. Also, I can’t believe this concept wouldn’t make any neighborhood more charming, so I’m putting in a push towards expansion, please.

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