First lady taco slip is not funny

This article details the first lady’s mistake in referring to Texas Latinos as special as breakfast tacos define my favorite rage. Why should I be recognized as Latino? The adjective American is the correct adjective, and if it needs to be differentiated more, mark I am Mexican-American. I have little cultural courtesy with Puerto Rican or Cuban ancestors.

I’m proud of my grandparents’ history in Mexico, but I enjoy my family’s future here. So, please stop looking for one size fits all.

Rick Reyes

Fix the basic problem

Tacos have come a long way since Anglos have used it in a derogatory way to refer to us black people. Now, an American taco is like apple pie, and maybe even more so. Most of them discovered the convenience and deliciousness of tacos.

However, it is never acceptable to use the term taco as a compliment. But what do they know? When you fail to really diversify your leadership, your confidants, and your advisors, you only get an Anglo view of the world.

If you really want to “rule” the world, you have to understand and be sensitive to what the rest of us Americans have experienced. If you don’t walk a mile in my shoes or walk next to me, what do you know? It’s time to stop ranting.

It’s okay to stumble and make a stupid mistake every now and then. How you recover and what’s in your heart is what really matters.

Rene S. Ramos, Schertz

GOP anger ridiculous

Republicans rejoice that Jill Biden has given them something to shout about. Get it! How dare this woman use the word taco! I compare this to the ridiculous fury when Gerald Ford was campaigning in San Antonio and ate a tamale but didn’t remove the corn husks.

All this as the January 6 hearings continue to reveal how Donald Trump and his Republican henchmen have tried, and continue to try, to undermine and destroy the Constitution, the rule of law, and even the Code of Public Morality.

Best of what Jesus said in Matthew 7:3: “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the beam that is in your own eye?”

In fact, none of us are exempt from this. But Republicans right now are looking to whatever they can find.

Reverend Burt Clayton

What is really offensive

As a Hispanic, I was baffled by all the nonsense about comparing Hispanics to tacos.

When I first read the first lady’s comments, I enjoyed and was happy to say that San Antonio is known for tacos. San Antonio has the best tacos in the country.

Then the next thing I know, all these white Republicans are indignant. These are the same Republicans who are working hard to keep votes away from Hispanics. Now I find that very offensive. How dare they think I would stand still while they took my right to vote.

Jesse Ortiz


A glimpse into the heart and mind

Reply: “No Room for Humanity in Abbott Politics,” Another View, July 10:

Josh Brodsky’s column clearly defined what we should strive for in our elected officials in Texas: common sense, humanity, and compassion.

It seems that some of our elected officials wish primarily to throw stones at the opposing party or to promote their personal agendas. They have forgotten that teachers, children lost in Ovaldi, and immigrants found dead in the back of a truck here in San Antonio are not pawns to use for political gain.

Our governor’s initial claims about “the brave officers of Uvald” and that the dead immigrants were “on Biden” are more than heartbreaking. Phrases like this offer a glimpse into a person’s heart and mind—places that neither I pray nor any of us ever venture into.

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