Fish Taco at Margaritaville CityWalk Orlando Review

What do you do after taking about 150 photos on the opening night of the Mardi Gras parade at Universal Orlando? Well, I chose to dine with a group of friends at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville on that Saturday night. Full-service dining reservations at CityWalk locations get harder to come by on weekends and busy times of the year. However, we sat this place as a group of 8 with our reservation.

As I joked with a vacationer recently, I’m lacking in leftovers to review in Margaritaville. I visit here often as it is a great place to escape from the gardens for lunch on the patio. My most popular order here, volcano nachos, earns approval to drop the rope.

However, on this night, I decided to order the Fish Taco. The menu description says the tacos are deep fried in a LandShark® mixture topped with avocado, cilantro-lime salad and cream of key lime. The sides served are black beans, rice, and pico de gallo. Tacos cost $19.95 but more on that later.

The night I ordered this, my food arrived significantly later than the other seven in my group. I mention this because perhaps some of my negative criticisms relate to this fact. Also, I had to take pictures of everyone’s food and then mine. This process may have led to some drawbacks.

Having said that, how were the fish tacos? On the plus side, the portion size provides a fixed amount for a full-service meal at a theme park resort. Plus, the portion size of the fish exceeded my expectations. Mixed side notes taste above average. In fairness, we are talking about rice and beans, so very few people come to full service places for rice and beans.

On the downside, you get two taco sandwiches for $20. I appreciate that at Universal Orlando I get a discount, but the price point is still high. As my server suggested, you can get a third taco for an extra $5. Pico de gallo added a little to tacos, and pico de gallo was too watery for a quality product. I would suggest combining rice, beans, and pico together. The flavors worked better this way.

Now, tacos depend a lot on the flavor of the batter. In general, the flavors were inconsistent even with the mixture. The tacos started falling apart as soon as I tried to eat one. That might have resulted in cabbage inside tacos. However, my slowness in receiving and then eating my food may have led to this problem. The slaw tasted okay but nothing compares to full-service tacos.

Finally, portion size gains some advantages. However, with Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food close by, this wouldn’t be my first choice for tacos of any kind in CityWalk.

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